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10 DeepFake AI Tools to Help You Create Content within Minutes

Recently, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman introduced ‘Reid AI’, a twin edition of himself which has been making the rounds on the internet. 

He said that it is an experiment to explore whether engaging with an AI-generated version of himself could prompt self-reflection, unveil new insights into his thought patterns, and reveal deep truths.

Why did I deepfake myself? To see if conversing with an AI-generated version of myself can lead to self-reflection, new insights into my thought patterns, and deep truths.

— Reid Hoffman (@reidhoffman) April 24, 2024

Deepfakes, synthetic media manipulated using artificial intelligence (AI), have become a powerful tool for generating realistic and engaging video and audio content. Hoffman’s twin edition is flooding social media as he has created something like this for the first time.

A user on X suggested, “Absolutely worth viewing, regardless of your interest in deepfake AI or not. Reid’s interview with his AI twin provides genuinely insightful moments and valuable insights.”

In a Reddit discussion, a user said, “I totally get what you’re looking for, and I’ve had a fantastic experience with It’s my go-to for AI-generated videos based on transcripts. The tool allows you to maintain control over the visuals and closed captions, ensuring they align perfectly with your provided transcript. I’ve used it for YouTube Shorts, and the results were impressive. Try this tool, and I’m sure you’ll be delighted with the outcome.” 

Here are 10 deepfake AI tools for content creation that makes the job easier.


DeepFaceLab, the premier software for crafting deepfakes, commands over 95% of the market. Open-source and compatible with Windows, it leverages machine learning algorithms and GPU acceleration to generate top-tier fake videos. 

Offering a plethora of features such as face replacement, de-aging, and head swapping, DeepFaceLab caters to both novice and expert users. While mastering it may demand some technical know-how and tutorial guidance, its expansive array of features and customisation options ensures the creation of professional-grade deepfakes.

Reface AI 

ReFace AI is an advanced technology that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable users to swap faces in videos and images, creating realistic and entertaining content. 

Maintaining fine details like texture, wrinkles, and shadows is crucial for effective results. ReFace AI employs feature extraction techniques to preserve these intricacies, intelligently blending the original and target faces for seamless, high-quality output. 


Faceapp generates highly realistic transformations of human faces in photographs by using neural networks based on artificial intelligence.The app can transform a face to make it smile, look younger, older, or change the gender. 

There are multiple options to manipulate the photo uploaded such as editor options of adding an impression, make-up, smiles, hair colors, hairstyles, glasses, age or beards. Filters, lens blur and backgrounds along with overlays, tattoos, and vignettes are also a part of the app. 


CEO Ben-Zion Benkhin developed Wombo. The application allows users to take a new or existing selfie and then select a song from a curated list to create a video that artificially moves the selfie’s head and lips in synchrony with the song. 

The app works for any and all images resembling a face, though it performs best with three-dimensional characters facing the camera straight on. It’s perfect for sharing funny videos on platforms like TikTok and WhatsApp. 


FaceMagic is an AI-driven face-swapping application available on both Android and iOS platforms. Featuring a user-friendly interface, it simplifies the process of replacing faces in both videos and images. 

This app offers a fresh twist to traditional selfies and pictures, empowering users to unleash their creativity. Whether crafting memes, animating friends, or inserting oneself into beloved TV shows and movies, FaceMagic opens up a world of imaginative possibilities.


DeepNostalgia, crafted by MyHeritage, is a remarkable app delving into deepfake technology, breathing life into old photographs and resurrecting ancestors from the past. Through a blend of computer vision and deep learning, it offers a poignant means for users to engage with their family’s heritage. 

Accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, this app employs cutting-edge deep learning algorithms to deliver remarkably realistic facial animations, fostering profound connections with our familial past.


FacePlay is another great deepfake app on our list and very similar to the Reface app. The app offers several videos, pictures, and GIF templates; some of which can be used for free. To use the app, all you need to do is upload your picture, select a template, and the app will generate magic avatars of you without any complicated steps, thus saving you a lot of waiting time.

It provides a wide range of features such as animating live photographs over 3000 costume video templates, and much more.


DeepBrain is a deepfake software that stands out because of its capability to create highly authentic and visually stunning fake videos. Utilizing advanced AI techniques, DeepBrain has become a popular choice for users who want to create authentic deepfake video content that is professional in quality. 

It also has an effortless and reliable face-swapping ability. DeepBrain offers an intuitive interface permitting novice and expert users to discover its countless capabilities for making stunning fake videos.


Jiggy is a deepfake app that allows users to make people in photos dance by swapping their faces on animated bodies. The app uses AI technology to create photorealistic body deepfake videos, enabling users to instantly transform static images into dancing GIFs. 

Its features include swapping faces from photos onto animated dancing bodies to create funny, dancing GIFs and accessing an always-up-to-date catalog of clips and movies to swap faces with top actors and VIPs. 


Zao, a Chinese application, is a face-swapping tool that employs deepfake technology, enabling users to seamlessly integrate their faces into scenes from various movies and TV shows. Among its notable features, Zao offers a diverse library of clips from popular media for users to select from. 

The app walks users through a simple process of capturing a series of photos to accurately map their faces onto the chosen clip. Originally designed to spark playful interactions on social platforms, Zao has brought the capability of crafting deepfake videos to the fingertips of millions. 

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