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Totango Announces New Generative AI-Powered Features and Partnership with

Enhancements will augment human customer success productivity with the efficiency of generative AI Founder/Board Member of the Responsible AI Institute Manoj Saxena and Jasper VP of CS Zach Anderson to…

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The camera never lied… until AI told it to

An amateur photographer who goes by the name “ibreakphotos” decided to do an experiment on his Samsung phone last month to find out how a feature called “space zoom” actually…

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What you need to know about AI-generated art

Join top executives in San Francisco on July 11-12, to hear how leaders are integrating and optimizing AI investments for success. Learn More AI-generated art has been around for several…

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Microsoft Edge rolling out DALL∙E image generator to all users

Last month, Microsoft announced that it would integrate its Bing search engine with OpenAI’s DALL∙E to let Edge web browser users generate images using text. While, at first, this feature…

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Which is easier to use: Bing Image Creator or Midjourney?

With the creation of AI image creators, anyone can have their ideas turned into art within seconds. It almost feels like magic. However, some of these AI programs are far…

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Microsoft’s Bing Chat and images with your words

Microsoft has rolled out a new feature for its newly released artificial intelligence-powered chatbot Bing Chat, with users now able to convert their words into images via a simple prompt….

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