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Google DeepMind Reveals Tool That Automatically Generates Soundtracks For AI-Generated Videos

The fact that we can now create our own clips with AI-generated generators such as Luma AI’s Dream Machine and OpenAI’s Sora is both scary and fascinating at the same…

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Inside David Droga’s Early Experiments With OpenAI’s Sora

CANNES, France—Ad veteran David Droga is one of the few people with the keys to OpenAI’s text-to-video tool, Sora, and it’s already reshaping how he thinks about creativity. “Not all…

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I tried Hedra — a new AI video tool that lets you create animated speaking characters, and I was blown away

There seems to be a new AI video announcement every day and the latest is from Hedra, a startup taking a character-first approach to putting ideas into motion. This week…

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Runway To Take on OpenAI’s Sora with Enhanced Quality and Custom Models

Runway announced its new Gen-3 Alpha model that features more expressive faces, sharper video, and more control over style and motion than the company’s earlier generation models. However, Runway is…

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What to know about this new Chinese text-to-video AI model

The short-video platform, which has over 600 million active users, announced the new tool on June 6. It’s called Kling. Like OpenAI’s Sora model, Kling is able to generate videos…

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AI-generated movies will be here sooner than you think – and Google DeepMind’s new tool proves it

AI video generators like OpenAI’s Sora, Luma AI’s Dream Machine, and Runway Gen-3 Alpha have been stealing the headlines lately, but a new Google DeepMind tool could fix the one…

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