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Divi AI website builder review 2024

Elegant Themes, the company behind Divi, has been a leader in the WordPress theme market for over the last 10 years. With a massive customer base and a reputation for…

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AI Will Cancel Emotion for Call Center Workers

We’ve all had to make an angry call or two to customer service and felt bad for letting loose on a call center worker. Eventually, there will be help for…

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The Best Free Online Classes to Level Up Your AI Skills and Understanding

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere these days. It’s in your phone, in your car, and sometimes even behind the drive-thru window of your favorite fast food joint. And this is…

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How to quickly setup autonomous AI agents with no-code

The world of AI automation is rapidly evolving, and with the advent of no-code platforms like Vector Shift, deploying autonomous AI agents has become more accessible than ever before. This…

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Gateway – Gizmodo

The niche but beloved web browser Opera got an artificially intelligent makeover Tuesday, with new and useful-looking AI features, as well as other tools to streamline your portal to the…

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Your Gateway to Building Machine Learning Models

From virtual assistants to self-driving cars, tech companies are in a race to launch products and enhance the user experience by exploring the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is…

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