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Embracing the Future of Intelligence

In a world filled with technological advancements, AI Appreciation Day 2024 stands as an important moment to reflect on the profound impact of artificial intelligence on our lives and the…

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Revolutionizing Automation: An In-Depth Analysis of

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robots Market Coherent Market insight has published a new research report titled In Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robots Market, is a key and dynamic area. Forecasts the between…

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New AI Chip In Making Claims It Will Revolutionise ChatGPT

New Delhi: The reason why you are able to ask ChatGPT “how to eat a mango without spilling it” and much more is Nvidia’s H100 and B200 Graphics Processing Units…

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Deepfake Porn Prompts Tech Tools and Calls for Regulations

It’s horrifyingly easy to make deepfake pornography of anyone thanks to today’s generative AI tools. A 2023 report by Home Security Heroes (a company that reviews identity-theft protection services) found…

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The animated world of ‘Virtually Nutz’ navigates the AI landscape – Annenberg Media

In an era where artificial intelligence is no longer a sci-fi fantasy but a tangible, rapidly evolving reality, the dialogue around AI ethics has become more crucial than ever. As…

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Microsoft’s new AI system ‘SpreadsheetLLM’ unlocks insights from spreadsheets, boosting enterprise productivity

Join our daily and weekly newsletters for the latest updates and exclusive content on industry-leading AI coverage. Learn More Microsoft researchers have unveiled “SpreadsheetLLM,” a new AI model designed to…

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