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6 Women Making AI More Accessible Through Content Creation

Remember a time when a world full of computers and machines seemed like a distant dream, nestled in the frames of sci-fi films and books? Today, we live in an era where sophisticated technology and artificial intelligence have become a part of our everyday reality. As AI is increasingly permeating into our personal and professional realms, a new set of influencers has emerged, dedicated to teaching how to harness the power of AI. These influencers are making significant strides in explaining complex concepts and making them accessible to a broader audience.

Whether you want AI to maximise your efficiency at work or create innovative art using generative tools, here are some content creators who could educate, inspire, and empower you to leverage advancing technologies effectively. 

Aishwarya Srinivasan

Aishwarya Srinivasan, an Indian-origin AI advisor at Microsoft, makes content to mentor aspiring data scientists in their professional journies. The former Google and IBM employee has over 5 lakh followers on LinkedIn and about 49,000 followers on Instagram, where one can find content about leveraging AI tools, securing careers in data science, and more.

Allie K. Miller

Allie K. Miller is a reputed entrepreneur as well as an AI and machine learning expert. She has previously worked with some of the world’s top tech firms and now uses her platform to share her expertise on technology. She is also a career advisor with millions of followers on LinkedIn, where she posts tutorials or tidbits on her experiments with AI.

Madeline Salazar

Madeline Salazar is a content creator known for her hilarious take on AI-generated images. From adding fake men in her photos to “make her ex jealous” to editing images to make it look like she’s at a music festival, the artist has not only showcased her creativity but also made us ponder about how similarly edited images on social media could actually fool us.

Salazar vouches for the ethical use of AI and raises awareness about manipulated images online. The 29-year-old has also debunked myths about the growing popularity of AI. Her content is worth a follow, especially if you are looking for some fun inspiration on photo editing or satisfying time-lapse reels of her editing process. 

Heather Cooper

Heather Cooper is a digital artist and the founder of a popular newsletter Visually AI. Boasting over 36,500 followers on her X (Twitter) account, she is known to educate and consult people about AI through articles, podcasts, tools, insights, prompts, case studies, and interviews. Cooper also experiments with unique generative tools to make art.

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Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods is a data scientist and the founder of The AI Exchange, a weekly newsletter about the intricacies of the world of artificial intelligence. She discusses topics ranging from ‘How to spot AI fakes’ to ‘How to teach AI to do your work’. On her social media, she makes reels and engaging posts about the ongoing trends in technology.

Woods not only teaches ways to use AI tools for maximum efficiency but also helps demystify the depths and intricacies of the technology. She also delves into the human-AI relationship and the impact that it has on a person’s psychology by addressing important topics like AI anxiety, shifting “normalcies” in our everyday lives, and more.

Natalie Choprasert

Natalie Choprasert, who goes by Brand Nat online, shares tips on using AI for building a business. On her social media, she shares cheat codes that entrepreneurs or employers can rely on to streamline their business operations, enhance productivity, and drive growth. She emphasises the importance of staying technologically updated as the face of a brand.


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