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A marketing rebrand for the AI age

Bob Knight, CEO of the rebranded, Armonk-based marketing agency Harry, formerly the public relations firm Harrison Edwards, at the launch party Thursday, April 11, at One Martine Gallery in White Plains. Photograph by Lynda Shenkman.
The new Harry logo mixes bright colors and lowercase lettering. Courtesy Harry.

With an eye to AI, the Armonk-based public relations firm Harrison Edwards has rebranded itself as Harry, billed as “the first marketing agency in Westchester (County) and in the U.S. broadband industry to integrate communications, design, digital, artificial intelligence and virtual reality to deliver thoughtful and innovative marketing campaigns for its clients.” 

 “The name ‘Harry’ is a nod to our (more than-35 year) history in the marketplace as Harrison Edwards,” Jennifer Galluzzo, Harry’s vice president of digital strategy, said in a statement before the Thursday, April 11, launch at One Martine Gallery in White Plains. “We’ve always stood for excellence in communications and now as Harry, we’re here to deliver dynamic, omnichannel, thoughtful campaigns for entities ready to move beyond the status quo.”   

At the party – attended by some 100 business, nonprofit and political leaders – company officials said the name change reflects the rapidly-evolving way consumers and industries communicate with one another more visually, and how marketing, public relations, design and digital work together with a singular purpose of advancing client ideas and interests. Hence the logo, featuring the name in lowercase and a dialogue box, with pops of orange and azure against a violet and white backdrop. Indeed, officials said, the company has invested in building up its design and digital capabilities to enhance campaigns that will feature not only thoughtful ideas and clever, eye-catching messaging but a strategic digital application and potential enhancements with artificial intelligence and virtual reality to maximize effective messages.  

 “Harry represents a fun, energetic and innovative approach to marketing,” said Lisa Buchman, the company’s chief communications officer. “The thoughtful and influential individuals who’ve helped us build the new Harry are ready to bring the next generation of marketing services to Westchester, the region and key industries like broadband, financial services, health care, government and nonprofits.”  

 Added Julia Emrick, Harry’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), who managed marketing agencies in her previous roles in economic development and higher education: “Harry is bigger than just one or two people. It’s a collaboration of influential marketing professionals with many strengths. What we’re doing at Harry will have a much greater impact on our clients’ bottom line….” 

 Harrison Edwards was founded in 1987 by journalist-publicist Carolyn B. Mandelker. Over the years, it evolved to serve clients across the country in a variety of high-growth sectors. “She continues to be a valued member of the team,” Account Director Lisa Kaslyn wrote of Mandelker in a follow-up email, adding: 

 “When Carolyn founded the agency in 1987, times were different, and a PR agency needed to have a brand that evoked a more masculine and established image.  She named the company, using the middle names of her two sons, which are Harrison and Edward. Now, bearing the same name as her grandfather, the new brand “Harry” is a nod to the past with a look to the future.” 


Those sentiments were echoed by CEO Bob Knight:  

“Harry is where marketing is headed both now and in the future….Westchester wants a new generation of influence. Our community deserves a true integrated marketing partner with innovative ideas that drive business forward. The market craves more, and Harry is delivering it with an energetic and nimble team that’s ready to deliver.” 


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