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Accelerate AI Ethics Adoption, Kominfo And UNESCO Launch AI RAM In Indonesia

JAKARTA – The Ministry of Communication and Information together with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) launched Artificial Intelligence Readiness Assessment Methodology (RAM AI).

Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics Nezar Patria also appreciated UNESCO’s support for the implementation of artificial intelligence or AI technology governance in Indonesia.

“This Readiness Assessment Methodology was created by UNESCO for countries in seeing their readiness to adopt globally established ethical standards,” said Nezar, quoted on Tuesday, May 28.

According to him, this AI RAM is a momentum for Indonesia in presenting comprehensive AI governance. Because, many other countries are also preparing policies regarding AI technology for multilateral, regional and national levels.

Starting from the establishment of the AI Management High-Level Committee Task Force to the latest AI High-Level Advisory Board Secretary General of the United Nations. All played an important role in our efforts to advance AI Global Governance,” said Nezar.

Seeing the development of AI in Indonesia, Nezar said he was optimistic that the implementation of AI would be more advanced. The reason is, the implementation of AI has been going on for the last five years in various industrial sectors, such as the mass media.

According to him, the Government is paying full attention to the adoption of the latest technology by conducting further studies.

In addition to Indonesia, 139 UNESCO member countries have adopted and committed to implementing UNESCO AI RAM. The initiative provides support for UNESCO member countries to measure the readiness to apply AI ethically and responsibly for the benefit of all citizens.

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