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ActionIQ Announces CX.AI, the First Solution to Integrate GenAI Data and GenAI Content To Enable True 1:1 Personalized Customer Experiences

CX.AI Data And CX.AI Content Are The First Set In A Suite Of Planned AI Releases That Build On ActionIQ’s Commitment To Pushing Data-Powered CX Forward

ActionIQ’s AI Vision Ensures Each Customer Gets an Audience Of One and a Creative of One

NEW YORK, Jan. 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ActionIQ, the leading Enterprise Customer Data Platform, announced today the launch of CX.AI, a suite of AI-enabled solutions purpose-built for customer experience (CX), marketing, and data teams. The first CX.AI release introduces two modules, CX.AI Data and CX.AI Content. Together, these capabilities fulfill the vision of delivering personalized creative content to individual audience members for the very first time.



  • CX.AI Data.

    • GenAI Audiences. An audience co-pilot for marketers, bringing a natural language interface to GenAI for marketers to build audiences, analyze performance, and uncover insights. Marketers will have the power to design the audiences and experiences they want, in their own language — without requiring SQL or data expertise. Rather than dragging, dropping, and searching, marketers can bring natural language requests to their audience creation and orchestration tasks to query data and engage with insights more easily than ever before.

    • AI Decisioning & Analytics. A new decisioning engine for personalizing customer experiences. AI Decisioning makes recommendations and optimizes for the best audience, products, offers, lookalikes, channel preference, and more. Tailored for flexibility, AI Decisioning can use out-of-the-box models, custom models, or in-house models. Marketers can now consistently deliver the next best action and keep customers coming back.

  • CX.AI Content. Power data-enriched content workflows to reach true 1:1 personalization at scale for the first time. Today, we are announcing an exciting new partnership with Typeface, the generative AI platform for enterprise content creation. With ActionIQ CX.AI Content and Typeface Multimodal Content Hub integration, marketers and designers create customized, on-brand content that aligns seamlessly with ActionIQ’s audiences, and can be activated across any channel at scale. ActionIQ’s novel abstraction layer, unique to its Customer Data Platform (CDP), provides critical context from the customer experience – such as ‘loyal customer whose made a recent purchase,’ or ‘frustrated returning customer on the verge of attrition’ – making it accessible to models which will truly understand the brand to generate content for any audience.

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“For as long as there has been marketing, there has been the dream of delivering a personalized experience for every customer,” said Justin DeBrabant, Chief Product Officer at ActionIQ. “Partnering with innovative companies like Typeface allows us to create an ecosystem of innovation through different parts of the CX stack. We’re still early in the AI revolution, but with product investments, the right partnerships, and customers willing to co-innovate, I’m confident that 2024 is going to be an exciting year of progress.”

“By integrating ActionIQ’s CX.AI with Typeface’s Multimodal Content Hub, we’re bringing together a best-in-class composable customer data platform and personalized AI engine to power a level of personalization at scale that was never before possible,” said Abhay Parasnis, Founder and CEO at Typeface.

A major breakthrough in operational effectiveness, CX.AI will play a pivotal role in shaping memorable experiences that enhance customer loyalty. Supported by ActionIQ’s core pillars, these advancements will bring marketing, data, and IT teams into the new era of Generative AI-assisted customer experiences. Elements of CX.AI include:

  • Audience of One. When a customer experience – from the copy, to the creative, to the delivery channel – is tailored to an individual, conversions skyrocket. Marketers and customer experience professionals can enable the perfect customer experience, a billion times a day.

  • Creative of One. Every customer gets a creative specifically tailored not just for their attributes and interests, but also for where exactly they are in their own unique customer journey. It is also tailored for the optimal channel that the customer engagement should take place.

  • Faster Campaigns. With the business user in complete control of audience building, creative, and copywriting, large parts of the campaign “supply chain” are removed, helping brands get to market faster.

  • Data Analysis for All. CX.AI acts as a copilot for insights, discovery and iteration, with a seamless transition to autopilot to maintain operations, giving marketers access to new information gleaned from their data, and letting them spend more time where it matters.

  • Flexible for The Modern Data Stack. Flexibility is at the center of ActionIQ’s innovations. By offering support for bundled, composable, and hybrid deployments, enterprise brands can leverage the ease of an out-of-the-box AI platform or seamlessly integrate within their data stack, optimizing any existing data investments.

“Generative AI is changing how companies connect with audiences, and we’re excited to partner with ActionIQ to seamlessly integrate our capabilities into consumer experiences and meet our strategic objectives,” said Anjali Iyer, interim Global Head of Subscriptions Marketing at The Washington Post.

About ActionIQ
ActionIQ, the leading Composable Customer Data Platform is designed for enterprise brands who want to grow faster and deliver meaningful experiences for their customers. Built for data in constant motion, ActionIQ’s unique composable architecture gives marketers easy and secure ways to activate data anywhere in the customer experience while keeping data securely where it lives. Unify data from any source, build smart audiences, resolve customer identities, and design personalized interactions that unlock revenue across the entire customer lifecycle – all while helping technical teams extend existing technology investments to manage data governance, costs, and performance. Enterprise brands such as Albertsons, Atlassian, Bloomberg, DoorDash, HP, and many more use ActionIQ to drive growth through extraordinary customer experiences. Learn more at

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