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Adobe Emphasizes AI Content Creation for Businesses With Express Update

At Tuesday’s Design Made Easy event, Adobe gave its Adobe Express platform a professional polish.

While enterprise customers already use Adobe Express, the tech company professional use cases and expanded features for larger organizations. To this end, Adobe highlighted its expansive library of template and stock videos, design assets, music, Adobe Fonts, and its growing AI tools. But more specifically, Adobe Express was singled out as the all-in-one option for AI content creation and enterprise use.

“The new Adobe Express is built for business, making it easy for anyone in an organization to design on-brand visual content that drives business outcomes,” says David Wadhwani, president of Adobe’s Digital Media Business. “With Adobe’s responsible approach to AI, strong record of product innovation and proven ability to deliver products that empower businesses of all sizes, Adobe Express offers an unparalleled combination of deep creative expertise and enterprise credentials business leaders and users can trust.”

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In terms of AI, users can bulk create and generate content by uploading a .CSV file or text, images, or generative AI prompts. They can also upload reference images or use Adobe Firefly’s text-to-image tool. Users can make precise edits and generate images based on details from reference images like their style, mood, lighting, layout, or composition. With Custom Models, users can “generate images with stronger brand identity across Adobe applications, teams, and marketing touchpoints,” the company notes.

Additionally, organizations can produce, share, and apply brand kits for easy consistency. There are linked assets so everyone within a group can include the appropriate details. With Projects, multiple people can collaborate on documents and brand kits. As Adobe explains, Brand Controls also offers new Locked Templates, which provide more security over brand integrity.

Adobe Express also allows users to make presentations and will soon be able to print promotional and sales content as physical material or publicly accessible links. Further, Adobe has been adamant about the safety of its generative AI, offering indemnity for images created using Firefly and including Content Credentials that labels artificial intelligence-based generated images to ensure transparency around work created using AI.

Microsoft CopilotCredit: Microsoft

For instance, Adobe announced a new Adobe Express Extension for Microsoft Copilot, the latter’s artificial intelligence model. “When it launches, the extension will empower everyone to easily create on-brand content within Microsoft 365 apps with a simple prompt — from engaging videos, animations, social posts, banners, flyers and more — directly in the Copilot chat and without disrupting their workflows,” Adobe explains.

“We are thrilled to work with Adobe to bring the richness of Adobe’s expressive tools to enterprise customers through the integration of Adobe Express with Microsoft Copilot. This collaboration will empower organizations to seamlessly create high-quality, on-brand content directly within the Microsoft 365 environment, enhancing productivity and creativity across various enterprise use cases,” says Rob Howard, Vice President of Microsoft 365 developer platforms. “By integrating Adobe Express with Copilot, customers will be able to unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation, enabling enterprises to streamline workflows, foster collaboration and deliver impactful content.”

A digital collage showcases the Gemant Product Expo, featuring various design templates. The central image displays a dog, food, and a water splash. Smaller templates include a seminar flyer and branding options. Event dates, location, and booking info are highlighted.

Similarly, Adobe announced enhanced search and generation for the Adobe Express GPT within ChatGPT.

The Adobe Express emphasis comes after Canva shared a focus on enterprise users as well with both companies highlighting tremendous recent growth.

“Driven by strong product innovation, Adobe Express saw a 96 percent quarter-over-quarter growth in the number of monthly active mobile users and an 86 percent year-over-year increase in the cumulative number of creations made,” remarks Adobe.

It’s clear from the Design Made Easy event that Adobe isn’t slowing down, especially regarding AI.

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