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Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant With Content Generation, Automation Features Now Generally Available

Adobe announced the general availability of the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) AI assistant on Thursday. The AEP is a customer experience management platform using which businesses can monitor and analyse customer data and execute marketing campaigns for their products and services. The platform’s AI assistant was first previewed at the Adobe Summit in March 2024 and now it is available to businesses globally. The AI chatbot comes with analytical and content-generation capabilities to help automate certain operation workflows for businesses.

Adobe AEP gets an AI assistant

Announcing the general availability of the AI chatbot in a newsroom post, Adobe highlighted that the tool is a conversational interface that will provide businesses with a deeper understanding of their customer data and offer ways to make their workflows more efficient. The AI assistant will have access to various Adobe Experience Cloud applications such as Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Journey Optimiser, and Customer Journey Analytics.

By drawing data from these apps, the AI assistant will be able to answer various technical questions about the company’s products and services. It will also be able to automate certain tasks, simulate marketing outcomes, and generate new audiences and journeys. Adobe said that it has developed generative experience models that power the chatbot.

The capabilities of the AEP AI assistant can be divided into three categories. Adobe calls the first Product Expertise. The chatbot can generate insights from customer data in natural language for easier understanding. It can also answer complex questions such as How do I build an audience segment?” or “What is an identity map?”, as well as assist with troubleshooting tasks. Adobe claims this will allow businesses to fetch operational insights around datasets, audiences, and customer marketing journeys without running SQL (Structured Query Language) queries.

While this feature hasn’t currently been rolled out, businesses will soon be able to use the AI assistant for content generation and automation tasks. The chatbot can create marketing assets including emails, and web pages with copy, design and images via Adobe Firefly. Another feature Adobe is working on is predictive insights and recommendations. With this, the AI chatbot will be able to provide businesses with predictive insights.

Citing an example, Adobe said users can ask the AI assistant “How many conversions should I expect from this segment?” and “How would that change if I applied an additional segment filter?” Running such predictive analysis usually takes days, but the company claims it will take the chatbot seconds to run simulations to find actionable insights. It will also be able to recommend suggestions to reach the required outcome.

Notably, Adobe did not disclose the large language model used for the AI assistant. It also did not mention any rate of error in the responses of the AI. Businesses can visit the AEP website to find out the custom pricing details on the basis of their requirements.

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