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AI-Based Low-Code Test Automation Company Raises $8.2 Million

AI-based and low-code test automation platform Testsigma announced that it has raised $8.2 million in funding led by MassMutual Ventures. Previous investors Accel, STRIVE, and BoldCap also participated in the round.

With its Natural Language Programming (NLP) engine, Testsigma enables users to rapidly create, manage, and execute end-to-end, automated tests for web and mobile apps and APIs in plain English. In 2022, the company raised $4.6 million, led by Accel, BoldCap, and STRIVE.

Testsigma also revealed new GenAI capabilities for its low-code platform, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of QA (Quality Assurance) teams. These GenAI features allow QA team members to generate test scenarios and test cases from various inputs like URLs, product designs, screenshots, and Jira stories.

These advancements accelerate writing and executing tests and ensure comprehensive test coverage. The AI can suggest test scenarios to identify and cover gaps that may arise due to code changes, thus maintaining the reliability of the software being developed.

Testsigma has also revealed a new product specifically designed for the Salesforce ecosystem, utilizing its low-code platform. And this new offering is tailored to meet the needs of Salesforce developers and administrators, enabling them to accelerate automated sales testing significantly. By utilizing this solution, teams can achieve a tenfold increase in test development speed compared to traditional testing methods.

Along with its simplicity, Testsigma is also enterprise-ready and provides flexibility. Enterprises use the platform for their end-to-end testing needs, including web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, APIs, and their latest product, Salesforce. And leading companies like Cisco, Oscar, Bosch and Samsung use Testsigma to streamline their testing processes and ensure robust software quality.

Testsigma was launched by Rukmangada Kandyala, Pratheep Velicherla, Vikram Chaitanya, and Rajesh Reddy in 2019. The team is experienced with developing enterprise SaaS applications for Zoho, Freshworks, Oracle, and HPE.


“Quality engineering and DevOps teams currently use Testsigma’s low code test automation platform to test web, mobile and desktop apps in addition to database and APIs. With the new GenAI capabilities and our new product for the Salesforce ecosystem, we get one step closer to our vision of building the operating system for quality engineering teams. We have been investing heavily in GenAI and our customers are rapidly adopting generative AI practices.”

  • Rukmangada Kandyala (KR), Founder and CEO of Testsigma

“We are witnessing a significant change in how QA teams approach automation. Testsigma’s AI-driven, low-code solution enables multiple user profiles, including manual testers and business analysts, to contribute to faster software releases. We are impressed by the rapid adoption of Testsigma’s platform among enterprise QA teams and are excited about the GenAI capabilities they have been building.”

  • Anvesh Ramineni, Managing Partner at MassMutual Ventures

“There is an accelerated demand for quality engineering teams to adopt low-code and AI-powered solutions. We are excited at the new Gen-AI capabilities and the accelerated adoption of Testsigma among the QA community and enterprises alike.”

  • Abhinav Chaturvedi, Accel Partners

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