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Artificial intelligence has made a rapid leap from science fiction into the mainstream. Businesses across almost every vertical and of different sizes have been looking for the opportunities generative AI offers to differentiate themselves from competitors and streamline operations.

As the technology that enables businesses from almost every vertical ranging from the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises and government organisations has become increasingly democratised, the partner ecosystem becomes very adept leveraging publicly available Large Language Models (LLMs) and training them with data from those businesses. The technical challenges of linking the LLMs with trusted training data have been largely solved.

But solving technical challenges is only part of the solution. The full return on investment comes by applying the generative AI tool to solve real business problems that deliver value and outcomes to the customer. This is where savvy channel partners can bring value to customers that goes beyond the provision of technology services and infrastructure.

Channel partners can move beyond technology strategy and implementation into solving real-world problems and then scaling the solution into more use-cases. They can achieve this in two ways. They can develop the required skills and build experience and develop a new line of business or they can find a partner that complements their existing skills and enables them to bring customers a comprehensive portfolio of AI-related services.

The use-cases that AI can be applied is diverse. Natural language processing and generative AI, working together can be used to interpret incoming inquiries and to provide answers to them. This can help customers solve issues faster and free up resources to work on more complex problems. And, as the AI tools are trained with your data, they can apply your business rules and approved language. This is especially important in regulated industries where AI hallucinations and other errors caused by incomplete data can cause issues.

Dell Technologies has broad and deep experience across every industry vertical. Its partner ecosystem can leverage that knowledge and experience to create solutions to solve specific business problems, propelling customers from initial forays with AI into value -adding and new revenue generating opportunities.

A novel application of AI was at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The university wanted to boost donations from its alumni donor pool. By applying an AI model over existing alumni data, the university, working with Dell Technologies, was able to reduce the number of outbound communications to potential donors by 40% and boosted the response rate significantly. As a result, the total funds raised increased by 65%.

Deploying an AI model against your data is a well understood technical problem that can be solved. But for partners seeking to add more value to the projects they engage in, they must be able to take the next step and apply the technology to solve specific business problems.

Channel partners that invest in learning about the specific needs to their target customers will be able to do more than sell hardware and software solutions. Rather than asking customers and leads what technology they need, the key is to learn what problem they are trying to solve. When a channel partner starts working closely with a customer and learns where their pain points and opportunities lie, they will be able to go further than providing hardware and software to solving true business .

Dell Technologies has a framework that is backed with expertise and experience in data management and business integration to ensure AI solutions are implemented with the right infrastructure. The breadth and depth of Dell Technologies’ experience in deploying AI solutions is recognised as world leading with Forrester* recently recognising Dell Technologies as a world leader in AI infrastructure solutions.

Every organisation is unique which is why Dell Technologies’ approach is adaptable. It starts with mapping out the customer’s strategy and deploying a full stack solution. But that’s not where it ends. By working closely to apply the technical solution to specific business use-cases and then scaling to ensure maximum efficiency, Dell Technologies ensures that the right solution is chosen to support the customer for the road ahead.

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