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AI-powered automation platform for healthcare launches out of stealth with $3 million backing

Keragon, an AI-powered HIPAA-compliant automation platform for healthcare, is officially launching out of stealth. It says it is the first no-code workflow automation platform designed specifically for the US healthcare industry. Currently, it is used by practices and clinics, fast-growing digital health startups, all the way up to hospitals & NASDAQ-listed companies, across the 50 states.

The platform enables instant connection of various popular software used by healthcare practitioners (such as EHRs, healthcare CRMs, AI medical scribes, appointment scheduling & billing software). It has built-in personalised AI assistants that fuel faster automations with less hussle.

“We used Zapier for many of our integrations, but when it came to working with protected health information we had to find a different solution for HIPAA compliance. Keragon has filled that gap really well!” said Mark Callahan, Head of Engineering at BreatheSuite and a customer of Keragon. “Their team has been great to work with and super helpful in getting our integrations up and running!”

Keragon empowers professionals without a technical background to create powerful automations that can save significant operational costs, improve clinical efficiency and ultimately improve patient care and reduce physician burnout. With over 100 pre-built healthcare integrations, multiple data transformation helpers and advanced error debugging capabilities, it is set to accelerate the digital transformation of healthcare. 

Typical use cases include: breaking down the wall between the clinical & marketing teams, with a 2-way synchronisation between the EHR and the marketing tool suite (CRM, forms, ads); reducing cognitive workload by triaging appointments booked in real-time, and then notifying only the relevant stakeholders in the communication tools of their choice (SMS, email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams); facilitating patient data interoperability between different healthcare software systems that currently don’t talk to each other.

Keragon is on a mission to improve healthcare’s operational efficiency, while promoting the use of security best practices for all software vendors that handle sensitive patient data. It has been certified as both SOC 2 Type 2 & HIPAA compliant from external auditors. The platform has a strict zero data retention policy that guarantees all customer workflow data will be deleted after 7 days.

The pre-seed funding round was co-led by Focal and Afore, followed by 25madison—Lifepoint Health. One of the early investors, Focal, had backed a previous startup venture by Keragon’s founders, which was later acquired for 20M USD.

“Although healthcare is under pressure to cut costs and improve efficiency, automation adoption remains slow. Keragon’s secure, HIPAA-compliant platform with hundreds of pre-built integrations is the change the industry has long sought for,” said Daniel Darling, Managing Partner at Focal Ventures and an investor in Keragon. “From streamlining patient intakes to personalised care delivery, healthcare can now benefit from the leaps in software innovation that have transformed other sectors”

Keragon was developed by four second-time founders whose first startup propelled them straight from university into the Google for Entrepreneurs program as one of the 8 most-promising startups outside the U.S. Three years later, their company was acquired for 20 million USD. The same group of four technical founders has now teamed up on Keragon, with the goal to build a sector-defining company and scale the digital transformation of healthcare.

“We are thrilled to unveil what we’ve been developing behind the scenes with our design partners for the last two years. Our privacy-first platform enables U.S. healthcare professionals to integrate their existing tools and streamline their manual processes, without any coding.” said Conno Christou, CEO & Co-founder of Keragon. “With a commitment to lead the digital transformation of healthcare by making automations accessible to all, our mission is to profoundly advance the experiences and outcomes for both — practitioners and patients.”

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