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Amit Jain, MMA India Board Chair

Mumbai: MMA Global India’s Impact Delhi 2024 was recently held. It championed the theme – ‘Marketing in the Age of AI – Inspire, Innovate, Integrate.’

Amit Jain, MMA India Board Chair, during his address said, “AI’s potential to revolutionise the very ethos of marketing cannot be overstated, and today, in yet another landmark MMA Impact event, we’ve demonstrated just that. By leveraging AI, marketers are not only predicting behaviours but also crafting compelling, data-driven narratives that resonate on a personal level. Our leadership in this digital revolution continues to inspire marketing professionals to push the boundaries and innovate responsibly.”

Impact Delhi 2024 showcased more than 10 keynote sessions presented by eminent speakers such as Rahul Agarwalla, Ajeet Bajaj, Padma Shri Awardee, Raj Rishi Singh, CMO, CBO – Corporate, MakeMy Trip, MMA India AI Mentor and Advisor and Managing Partner at SenseAI Ventures; and Rashi Goel, founder, CEO Performonks. These sessions explored the risks and benefits of adopting AI, emphasised the necessity for a solid strategic roadmap, and looked to provide insights on the future evolution of AI in marketing.

Moneka Khurana, Country Head and Board Member MMA Global India said, “Impact Delhi has reaffirmed our commitment at MMA to empower marketers to lead with both people and machines in unison. The importance of asking the right questions is crucial for developing a successful AI marketing strategy. Embracing the risks and pitfalls, along with the benefits of adopting AI/GenAI, marketers can actively mobilise AI to innovate and integrate it fully, leveraging both tacit knowledge and human instinct for business growth and impact.”

Impact Delhi 2024 also had two launches and two sessions. A session featuring ‘Ajeet Bajaj, Padma Shri Awardee, and Managing Director – Snow Leopard Adventures.’ A Padma Shri Award winner and the first Indian to ski to the North Pole and complete the polar trilogy which entails skiing to the North Pole, South Pole and across the Greenland icecap, Ajeet and his daughter Deeya were the first Indian father-daughter team to climb Mt. Everest. He narrated his experiences as he recounted the value of leadership while applying life principles to marketing job roles.

Another session led by Papa CJ, a comedian and Sukhleen Aneja, MMA India Board Member, CEO, the Good Brands Co, the Good Glam Group, put together a session on ‘Humanity in the Age of AI.’ The session was conducted directly with the audience. The session attempted to gain perspectives into what they thought AI could and could not achieve in their job roles as compared to human ability.

This was followed by the launch of two reports:

Launch of the Annual Flagship Report – the ‘Modern Marketing Reckoner (MMR) – Winning With AI.’
This report, created in collaboration with GroupM, compiles over 65+ insights and perspectives from industry leaders on the impact of AI on the 4Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Promotions, and Packaging. It emphasises AI’s role in the Indian marketing landscape and guides navigating AI adoption. Contributors include Accenture, GroupM India, SAS, L’Oréal India, HP Inc, InMobi, Hybrid AI, Hotstar, Affle, Tata Consumer Products, Federal Bank, JioAds, Meta, Truecaller, Flipkart, and many others.

Launch of the MMA Global India WhitePaper – ‘Driving Gen AI Discovery & Adoption: Top 10 Gen AI FAQs – Answered!: Developed in collaboration with the AI Advisory at MMA Global India, this whitepaper addresses common questions about Gen AI discovery and adoption, supported by key facts and statistical data from MMA Global reports. The report was unveiled by MMA India board member Sukhleen Aneja alongside Papa CJ.

Uncovering the essence of the sessions being conducted, Rohit Dadwal, CEO, of MMA Global APAC; Global Head of SMARTIES WW, and BOD Asia Pacific, MMA Global Asia Pacific, said: “As we explore the frontier of Generative AI in marketing, our discussions today underscored its capacity to revolutionize the creative process and redefine engagement. At MMA, we are committed to pioneering these advancements, ensuring that every marketer is empowered to harness the full potential of AI to deliver not only innovative but also ethically grounded campaigns.“

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