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Android users might soon be able to choose different voices for Gemini


  • Google’s Gemini app for Android also functions as a voice assistant.
  • Google offers 12 voices with Google Assistant, but the tech giant hasn’t introduced similar functionality with Gemini.
  • A new ‘Gemini Voice’ option has leaked, and it is expected to allow users to choose how their Gemini Assistant sounds.

Google unveiled a standalone Gemini app for Android earlier this year. It was first available in the US, and subsequently expanded to over 100 countries.

The application, which is essentially the same chatbot available on, brings with it voice assistant capabilities. Upon its initial release, the assistant omitted some pivotal features, likely in favor of a timely rollout. This included Google Assistant Routines, reminders, interpreter mode, support for podcasts, radio stations, music services, and more.

Some of these features did eventually make their way to Gemini, but a simple Reddit search reveals what exactly the users have been asking for: new assistant voices.


Gemini could soon get one of Google Assistant’s most beloved features

Your favorite Google Assistant feature might be coming to Gemini

“Dear Google, please announce a new voice mode for Gemini,” “How do I change the voice on Gemini?” “Gemini Assistant voice options,” “Custom voice for Gemini Assistant?” These are just a few of the search results that pop up right at the top when you search “Gemini voice Reddit” on Google Search, with users going as far as describing it as a “terrible grating male voice,” and saying that they “can’t stand Gemini only having a male voice.” I’d be pissed too, especially considering OpenAI’s ChatGPT has (had) a range of voices, including an unlicensed Scarlett Johansson voice.

Google reportedly knows that new voices for Gemini are a well-requested addition that it needs to fulfill. A recent Android Authority report indicated that the latest Google app beta (version has a new ‘Voice selection’ option within the Google app’s settings, and now, a similar option has begun showing up within the Gemini app.

New Gemini voices might be a reality soon

The information comes via credible leaker @AssembleDebug on X (Twitter), who shared a screenshot of Gemini’s settings which appear to house a new ‘Gemini Voice’ option. “Choose how your Gemini will sounds,” reads its description. According to AssembleDebud, tapping on it opens an empty page, though the fact that it appears suggests that Android users will be able to use different voices for Gemini soon.

The latest Google Gemini beta (version 1.0.626720042) was released back in April. I am currently running this version on my device, and I don’t see the new ‘Gemini Voice’ option.

In the US, Google offers 12 different voices with its Google Assistant, so it is unclear why it’s taking so long for the tech giant to introduce similar functionality with Gemini, considering that it is pushing the latter on all fronts.

It is currently unknown how many new voices Gemini will gain, if any. The recent leak about a new ‘Voice selection’ option showing up within the beta Google app’s settings indicates two new voices, namely Ruby and River.

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