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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market Report Probes the Size, Share, Growth Report and Future Analysis by 2030

This research report categorizes the artificial intelligence (AI) market based on component, type, infrastructure type, deployment type, organization size, vertical, and region.

The global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market size is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 36.8% during the forecast period, to reach USD 1,345.2 billion by 2030 from USD 150.2 billion in 2023.

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been remarkable since its introduction, leading to significant growth in the global market. This growth attributed to the increasing demand for artificial intelligence technologies across diverse industry verticals.

Organizations are recognizing the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and driving innovation. Artificial Intelligence technology such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and others are revolutionizing various sectors, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and retail.

The advancements in AI algorithms, computing power, and data availability are further fueling the growth of the AI market, as businesses seek to leverage the potential of AI to gain a competitive edge in the digital era.

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As per verticals, the healthcare & life sciences segment to grow at highest CAGR during the forecast period

The artificial intelligence market is segmented on verticals into retail & eCommerce, BFSI, Government & Defense, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Telecom, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Agriculture, IT/ITeS, Media & Entertainment, Automotive, Transportation and Logistics and other verticals (Construction, education, and travel and hospitality). As per verticals, the healthcare and life sciences vertical is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

This industry is experiencing significant growth and is poised to contribute significantly to the global artificial intelligence market. Artificial intelligence applications in healthcare & life sciences includes patient data and risk analysis, medical imaging and diagnostics, precision medicine, drug discovery, and much more.

The use of electronic medical records has led to the expansion of patient data, while the risk analysis market benefits from artificial intelligence systems’ risk management and predictive analytics capabilities for payers and healthcare providers. These advancements in artificial intelligence technology are driving innovation and transformation within the healthcare sector.

By business function marketing and sales accounts to hold the largest market size during the forecast period

As per business function, marketing and sales segment to hold the largest market size for the artificial intelligence market during the forecast period. With the aid of AI-powered algorithms, businesses personalize their marketing campaigns, target the right audience, and deliver relevant content at the optimal time.

Artificial intelligence also enhances sales processes by providing predictive analytics, lead scoring, and automated customer support through chatbots. Furthermore, artificial intelligence enables advanced data analytics and segmentation, optimizing sales funnels and improving conversion rates.

The adoption of artificial intelligence in marketing and sales is reshaping how businesses engage with customers, optimize their strategies, and drive revenue growth.

As per region, Asia Pacific is anticipated to growth at the highest CAGR during the forecasted period

As per region, Asia Pacific is anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecasted period. The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Asia Pacific region is experiencing significant growth.

With advancements in technology, increased digitalization, and a focus on innovation, businesses and governments in Asia Pacific are embracing artificial intelligence solutions across various sectors. Additionally, the availability of skilled talent and robust infrastructure further fuels the growth of artificial intelligence across the region.

As a result, Asia Pacific is emerging as a hub for AI innovation and implementation.

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Key Market Players

Some of the major artificial intelligence market vendors are Google (US), Microsoft (US), IBM (US), Oracle (US), AWS (US), Intel (US), Salesforce (US), SAP (Germany), Cisco (US), Meta (US), HPE (US), Siemens (Germany), Huawei (China), NVIDIA (US), Baidu (China), SAS Institute (US), OpenAI (US), (US), iFLYTEK (China), Alibaba Cloud (China), General Vision (US), Darktrace (UK), Blackberry Limited (Canada), DiDi Global (China), Face++ (China), Inbenta (US), Anju Software (US), Butterfly Network (US), Atomwise (US), AIBrain (US), SK Hynix (South Korea), Progress (US), PrecisionHawk (US), AgEagle Aerial System (US), Neurala (US), Twitter (US), Aurea Software (US), Persado (US), 8×8 (US), Appier (Taiwan), GumGum (US), IPRO (US), Graphcore (UK), Preferred Networks (Japan), Applied Brain Research (Canada), Pilot AI (US), Iris Automation (US), Gamaya (Switzerland), ec2ce (Spain), Descartes Labs (US), Mythic (US), Ada (Canada), Mostly AI (Austria), (Singapore), Lumen5 (Canada), AI Superior (Germany), Fosfor (India), Intrinsic (US), Jasper (US), Soundful (US), Writesonic (US), One AI (Israel).

Factors that Drive Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market

  • Breakthroughs in machine learning and deep learning algorithms have dramatically improved AI capabilities, allowing systems to learn from data, spot patterns, and predict with unparalleled precision. These developments foster innovation and accelerate the expansion of AI applications across industries.
  • Big Data and Data Availability: The explosion of digital data from many sources, such as social media, IoT devices, sensors, and transactional systems, gives a lot of information for AI model training. The availability of large data allows AI systems to extract valuable insights, improve decision-making processes, and provide personalized experiences, resulting in increased demand for AI solutions.
  • AI Adoption in Business Processes: Companies across industries are progressively implementing AI technology to automate repetitive jobs, streamline operations, and gain a competitive advantage. AI applications such as predictive analytics, natural language processing, and computer vision are being integrated into a variety of business processes in order to increase efficiency, lower costs, and foster creativity.
  • Demand for individualized Customer Experiences: The desire for individualized customer experiences is pushing the use of AI-powered solutions in marketing, sales, and customer support. AI systems evaluate client data to make targeted recommendations, optimize marketing efforts, and give personalized support, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Regional Analysis for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market

  • North America is the greatest market for AI, owing to a robust ecosystem of technological businesses, research institutes, and venture capital investment. Major technology hubs, such as Silicon Valley in the United States and Toronto in Canada, are at the forefront of AI innovation. Adoption is widespread in industries such as healthcare, finance, retail, and automobile.
  • United Kingdom, Germany, France, Scandinavia, and so on: Europe is a prominent AI market, with an increased emphasis on digital transformation, innovation, and research collaboration. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and France have thriving AI ecosystems that are fueled by government initiatives, academic institutions, and business accelerators. Adoption varies by sector, with major applications in banking, healthcare, and manufacturing.
  • China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, and so on: Government investments, technical developments, and the rise of digital economies are all driving Asia-Pacific’s rapid expansion in the artificial intelligence industry. China leads in AI adoption and innovation, aided by efforts such as the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan.” Japan and South Korea are also investing in AI to accelerate industrial automation and innovation. India’s AI industry is expanding due to a thriving startup ecosystem and rising adoption in industries such as IT services, healthcare, and e-commerce.
  • Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and other Latin American countries are seeing increased interest and investment in artificial intelligence, owing to factors including as digital transformation programs, entrepreneurship, and government support for innovation. Countries such as Brazil and Mexico are developing AI ecosystems, with applications in banking, agriculture, and healthcare. However, certain places have infrastructure issues, a talent deficit, and regulatory restrictions.
  • UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, etc. The Middle East and Africa are emerging AI markets, with increased investment in technology infrastructure and innovation clusters. Countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia are encouraging AI adoption with programs such as “Vision 2030” and the “UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy.” South Africa and Nigeria are also seeing increases in AI applications, particularly in finance, telecommunications, and healthcare.

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