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Automation Anywhere Unveils Next-Gen AI Agents To Improve Productivity At Its Austin Conference

Automation Anywhere has announced its 2nd-generation GenAI process models.

Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI were the key themes at Imagine 2024 tech conference in Austin, Texas. Automation Anywhere, a key player in the AI-powered automation space, used the platform to unveil its next generation of AI+Automation systems that are further claimed to increase efficiency and achieve better results. The company also launched its new AI agents that can manage complex cognitive tasks and automate multiple process across every system in an enterprise.

Announcing these innovations at the conference, Mihir Shukla, CEO and Co-Founder, Automation Anywhere said that then entire computing platform as we know is being redefined. If we ignore it, this will be at our own peril, he added.

Mihir underlined Nvidia’s growth in the recent times and claimed that more AI-solution companies will join Nvidia as trillion dollar companies in the near future.

“Automation is the foundation that’s gotten us partway there. But AI Agent-powered automation is the breakthrough that will take us beyond — to automate the seemingly impossible, create a new operating model for business, and drive enterprise transformation with stunning results,” he said.

The new solutions announced by Automation Anywhere will impact business workflows that include customer service operations, finance, IT and HR. The company said that its new agents will do tasks that formerly took hours in just a few minutes and will deliver 3x time to value and up to 10x business impact.

The key features of new AI Agent Studio-

It will provide developers of all levels with low-code tools to easily build, manage, and govern custom AI Agents. Developers can start with the foundational model of choice, including models from AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure OpenAI service.

Developers can start with the foundational model of choice including models from AWS Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure OpenAI serviceDevelopers can start with the foundational model of choice, including models from AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure OpenAI service

They will also be able to augment AI Agents with enterprise knowledge through a native Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) service, and Amazon Bedrock in October. Finally, developers will have built-in prompt testing to ensure outputs are relevant for any use case before putting AI Agents into action

What’s interesting is that customers can use the new AI Agent Studio and create their own AI Agents. These will be ready to do specific tasks, as per the need of the customers.

Along with this, the company also announced a new Automator AI tool which is claimed to speed up the development lifecycles. The underlying engine of this tool is powered by the company’s proprietary generative AI process models. It can be further enhanced with third-party large language models and fine-tuned with additional data.

The updates are expected to help Automation Anywhere customers get better productivity out of their existing tools. It’s also a significant step in integrating generative AI into automated processes. The ongoing conference sees participation from key industry players including SoftBank, HCL, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Wipro and more.

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