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Beating OpenAI’s ChatGPT Is Far From Easy, New Data Proves

There’s a reason why OpenAI’s ChatGPT reigns supreme in the world of AI today.

And as a recently published report shows, it’s still one of the toughest competitors out there to beat, especially when it comes to mobiles.

For many, the word ChatGPT comes to mind instantly when you think of AI. This is very true in the world of tech and as proven in the latest study, the more the competition, the less the worry for OpenAI.

In the past few weeks, we saw the rollout of another model called Claude 3 which was said to go head-to-head with ChatGPT. It was believed to have features very similar in regards to what it could do and offer to users. Yes, it was not quite like the latest GPT version that OpenAI just launched but when you saw the App Store, it seemed like things would work.

The reception it got was tepid and we would like to add that this is a very decent way to put it as the data proved to be quite cold.

As per AppFigures, this was launched a whopping 183k times in just 11 days. And while no variant for Android users exists right now, we saw the American market lead the way in this regard.

In just 11 days, most of the users were said to be Americans then came in other nations like Taiwan, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

When we compare these stats to the likes of ChatGPT, we saw it attain a whopping 1.6 million installations in just 11 days through this App Store. We did not calculate percentage changes as it was too massive to be deemed of any use.

Similar to how ChatGPT functions, Claude gives out free-of-cost tiers and that has a limit attached. We also saw an offer to avail the subscription that’s priced at $20. And estimates proved that ever since the release took place, it has gone about attaining $31,000 in revenue through Appole’s App Store.

Today, it just has around 1800 subscriptions for mobile phones across the US. When compared to ChatGPT, it’s nowhere near. That app had $558 in revenue earnings for the same period since the launch arose.

So the question remains, why did Claude not crush the market or make an appeal that had people talking?

For starters, it’s not as popular as one would consider since ChatGPT does have too big of a brand presence as compared to this. Hence, it did hit with the masses but Claude didn’t.

The App store optimization for this platform is not great while the platform’s name doesn’t indicate what it’s capable of and what it’s not, not to mention it’s infamous icon that is far from appealing to many.

This just stop the algorithms of Apple from ranking this too high in regards to AI keywords and is less for those who are in search of just AI. so as you can tell, copying ChatGPT’s metadata won’t take you far in the race.

And lastly, the platform’s UI seems very much similar to orange types of ChatGPT but not in a manner that’s similar to the rest. It’s more like copying things that ChatGPT was lagging in and that’s not okay.

The feedback and reviews might seem a little harsh for some but the app intelligence here says it all, This launch was far from what many had imagined and it clearly fell short of people’s expectations. But perhaps the real reason is that ChatGPT is just too hard to beat on mobile phones. So better luck next time, Anthropic. There’s a lot of work to do here. What do you think?

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