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Imagen 3 by Google

Imagen 3 is Google’s highest quality text-to-image model. It generates an incredible level of detail, producing photorealistic, lifelike images, with far fewer distracting visual artifacts than our prior models. Imagen 3 better understands natural language, the intent behind your prompt and incorporates small details from longer prompts. The model’s advanced understanding helps it master a range of styles.

10 Viral News: Daily AI News Roundup


AWS Announces $230 Million Commitment for Generative AI Startups

Amazon Web Services, (AWS), an, Inc. company announced a $230 million commitment for startups around the world to accelerate the creation of generative AI applications. This will provide startups, especially early-stage companies, with AWS credits, mentorship, and education to further their use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. Part of the new commitment will fund the second cohort of the AWS Generative AI Accelerator, a program that provides hands-on expertise and up to $1 million in credits to each of the top 80 early-stage startups that are using generative AI to solve complex challenges.

Cognizant Launches Healthcare AI Solutions in Partnership with Google Cloud

As part of an expanded partnership announced last August, Cognizant has launched the first set of healthcare large language model (LLM) solutions on Google Cloud’s generative AI (genAI) technology, including the company’s Vertex AI platform and Gemini models, aimed at redesigning healthcare administrative processes and improving experiences. Google Cloud has awarded Cognizant “2024 Industry Solution Services Partner of the Year – Healthcare and Life Sciences” in recognition of its success driving digital transformations with healthcare and life sciences customers utilizing Google Cloud technologies, including AI.

F5 Study: Enterprises Plowing Ahead with AI Deployment Despite Gaps in Data Governance and Security

“AI is a disruptive force, enabling companies to create innovative and unparalleled digital experiences. However, the practicalities of implementing AI are incredibly complex, and without a proper and secure approach, it can significantly heighten an organization’s risk posture,” said Kunal Anand, EVP and CTO at F5. “Our report highlights a concerning trend: many enterprises, in their eagerness to harness AI, overlook the need for a solid foundation. This oversight not only diminishes the effectiveness of their AI solutions but also exposes them to a multitude of security threats.”

80% of Automotive Oems and Tier 1 Suppliers Rely on Sama for High-Quality Annotation of Complex

Sama, the leader in providing data annotation and model validation solutions, announced that it has created a scalable solution specifically designed for high-quality, rapid annotation of medium and long sequences of frames, which are essential for automotive AI models. This solution reduces total costs of ownership on complex automotive data for four of the five top OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers in the world. To date, Sama has successfully used its proprietary method with medium-length sequences of up to tens to hundreds of miles of contiguous driving and is working to scale to even longer sequences of frames in a further expansion of the company’s capabilities.

Empowering Clients and Enhancing Operations: Protiviti’s Innovative AI Tools

Protiviti recently introduced ProtivitiGPT, a custom-built firmwide internal generative AI based application to enhance the development of cutting-edge business solutions. The application has been made operationally available to all Protiviti employees after establishing internal governance and guiding principles. Additionally, comprehensive training programs will up-skill employees’ understanding and usage of Artificial Intelligence to enhance value of client engagements, drive operational efficiencies, and connect information and insights to best serve our clients.

Adobe Express Unveiling New Updates During Inaugural “Design Made Easy” Virtual Event

Driven by strong product innovation, Adobe Express saw a 96 percent quarter-over-quarter growth in the number of monthly active mobile users and an 86 percent year-over-year increase in the cumulative number of creations made. At today’s event, Adobe Express unveiled more features, including new Presentations and Print capabilities that empower everyone to easily design anything – from anywhere. New generative AI-powered Bulk Create and GenerateCustom Models and Reference Images are supercharging employees with Adobe Firefly generative AI. Locked Templates and the new Firefly Image 3 Model help enterprises protect their brands with AI-powered features designed to be safe for business. Adobe Express also announced partnerships with Microsoft, OpenAI and IBM Consulting.

Boomi Announces New AI Agents on the Boomi Enterprise Platform

Boomi™, the intelligent integration and automation leader, today announced that the six inaugural Boomi AI Agents recently unveiled at the company’s Boomi World event will be available in the Boomi Enterprise Platform as part of existing customer licenses, enabling customers to fully harness AI-powered capabilities for unparalleled innovation. These agents include:

Automation Anywhere Integrates Amazon Q to Help Companies Create and Automate Complex

Amazon Web Services (AWS), an, Inc. company and Automation Anywhere, a leader in AI-powered automation solutions, today announced an expanded collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to expedite business transformation and help customers achieve rapid cost savings by automating complex enterprise workflows with generative AI. Automation Anywhere will empower customers to create enterprise-wide process automations within minutes with conversational automation, quickly turning natural language requests into powerful automated actions, by leveraging Amazon Q, a fully managed, generative AI-powered assistant that can be configured to answer questions, provide summaries, generate content and complete tasks based on enterprise data.

Pioneering Voice AI Provider Acquires Assets, IP, and Talent to Enhance User Interactions in Virtual

Deepgram, a leading foundational AI company specializing in voice AI, is excited to announce the acquisition of Poised, the innovative minds behind the Poised AI Coach service. This strategic acquisition includes Poised’s proprietary technology and integrations, as well as key members of its engineering team.

Rivery Unveils Blueprint to Transform Data Pipelines for GenAI-based Applications

Rivery, the complete data integration platform accelerating data pipeline creation, announced Rivery Blueprint, a new way to quickly and easily build data pipelines for GenAI-powered and data applications. Organizations are under pressure to keep up with the rapid pace of GenAI innovation and the massive increase in data sources without exhausting employee and financial resources.

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