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ChatGPT gets a body: ‘Figure 01’ can perform household chores at command | Technology News

You’ve chatted with ChatGPT, but have you ever wondered what it would be like if the AI had a physical form? The startup Figure has an answer with their new robot called Figure 01.

In a new demo, the robot showed off some seriously impressive skills. When asked what it could see, Figure 01 nailed the visual recognition test by accurately describing a red apple, a drying rack with dishes, and the person who asked the question – all through its camera eyes.

This was pretty cool, but is something we’ve seen before (think ChatGPT’s image recognition). Where Figure 01 stands out is its ability to not just describe the world around it, but interact with it too. The person in the demo then asked if he could have something to eat, and the robot smoothly grabbed the apple (the only edible thing in view) and handed it right over.

The way it works is Figure 01 takes in visual data from its cameras and transcribed speech, feeds it all into OpenAI’s language model, and then comprehends the full context to generate smart responses and choose which motor skills to use. However, Figure hasn’t provided any technical details, including whether any pre-programming was involved in the showcase.

The multitasking abilities were also on display when the demo person asked Figure 01 to explain why it gave him the apple while also picking up some trash. As it recognised the trash items and put them in a bin, the robot laid out its reasoning for the apple handoff in a conversational tone.

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When asked how well it did overall, Figure 01 gave a chill self-assessment: “I think I did pretty well. The apple found its new owner, the trash is gone, and the tableware is right where it belongs.” You can’t argue with those results.

The real mindblower is just how human-like Figure 01 is in both its speech and movements. There are no jerky robotic actions at all – it’s like a person put on an advanced robot suit.

Figure AI first unveiled this humanoid bot last year, pitching it as a general-purpose assistant that could handle everything from factory work to household chores. The idea is to relieve humans of dull, repetitive tasks so they can focus on higher-level stuff requiring human skills and intuition. This is the first time the startup has demonstrated ChatGPT powers on Figure 01 – previous videos focused on motor skills alone.

With over $675 million raised recently from big names like Jeff Bezos, Amazon, Microsoft and Nvidia, Figure clearly has some heavyweight backers betting on their bot’s potential. Whether it truly lives up to the hype remains to be seen, but this early demo is already making waves.

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