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CineD Focus Check Ep04 – Is AI Taking Over?

Is AI taking over? What jobs in our industry are at risk? Nino and Johnnie tackle one of the biggest topics that is on the minds of everyone at the moment. Get their takes in this week’s podcast.

Other topics this week include: The iPhone 15 Pro as a filmmaking device. Our podcast producer Alex has made a video on the differences between the free and paid versions of DaVinci Resolve. Our Lab Test results of the Red Raptor X 8K VV are out and showcase our camera database. The new software, PRODUCER, is put to the test in the real world. Johnnie and Nino present the newest MZed course about lighting people outdoors. And lastly: submissions are open for manufacturers for CineD’s Best-of-Show Award for this year’s NAB in Las Vegas.

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Show chapters:

(00:00:00) Introduction 

(00:00:36) AI – Is it coming for our jobs? –

On the left: Sora’s video, and on the right: “Spongebob”. Image source: The WSJ

(00:28:43) The iPhone 15 Pro as a filmmaking device – 

iPhone 15 Pro Anamorphic Experiment – “What Makes a Cinema Camera” by Michael Cioni/Strada

(00:37:01) iPhone 15 Pro showcase film “Midnight” – 

“Midnight” by Takashi Miike, Shot Exclusively on the iPhone 15 Pro

(00:39:25) DaVinci Resolve – Differences between the paid and studio version –

The free version of DaVinci Resolve will show this screen when you want to use a feature of the Studio version – Image credit: CineD

(00:43:58) Red Raptor X 8K VV Lab Test results – 

RED V-RAPTOR [X] 8K VV Lab Test – Dynamic Range and Exposure Latitude

(00:53:02) PRODUCER software evaluated in real-world testing –

PRODUCER – Maker Machina Tested – First Look at the All-In-One Production Software

(00:56:54) “How to Light People Outdoors” – New MZed course – 

How to Light People Outdoors – Tips on Handling the Sun from Paul Atkins, ASC

(00:58:42) CineD’s Best-of-Show Awards – NAB 2024 now open to submissions – 

CineD Best-of-Show Award at NAB 2024 – Submissions Now Open for Manufacturers

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