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Clarapath and Mayo Clinic Partner to Modernize Pathology Labs

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– Clarapath, a medical robotics company on a mission to transform tissue processing in pathology labs, has announced a strategic collaboration with Mayo Clinic, a world-renowned leader in medical care and research. 

– The strategic partnership marks a significant step towards a new era of automation and efficiency within pathology labs.

The Challenge: Manual Processes and Rising Demands

For decades, pathology labs have relied on manual, labor-intensive procedures for processing tissue samples crucial for diagnosing diseases like cancer.  However, these traditional methods face several challenges:

  • Labor Shortages: The healthcare industry faces a growing shortage of qualified personnel, putting a strain on lab capacity.
  • Quality Control Issues: Manual processes are inherently prone to human error, potentially impacting the accuracy of diagnoses.
  • Increased Sample Volume: The ever-growing volume of samples further strains existing lab resources.

Clarapath’s SectionStar™: A Robotic Solution

Clarapath’s innovative SectionStar™ system addresses these challenges head-on.  This automated system utilizes robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and integrated pathology workflows to:

  • Standardize Slide Production: SectionStar™ ensures consistent and high-quality slide preparation, minimizing human error.
  • Reduce Processing Time: Automation significantly accelerates sample processing times, improving lab efficiency.
  • Minimize Human Intervention: The system reduces the need for manual tasks, freeing up lab personnel for other critical activities.

Collaboration for Global Impact

This strategic collaboration brings together Clarapath’s cutting-edge technology and Mayo Clinic’s deep clinical expertise.  This combined effort aims to:

  • Transform Histology Labs Worldwide: The partnership will facilitate the global adoption of digital pathology solutions, leading to significant improvements in quality, safety, cost, and throughput within histology labs.
  • Enhanced Patient Care: Faster processing times and improved quality control translate to more informed and timely diagnoses, ultimately benefiting patient care delivery.
  • Future Innovation: The collaboration paves the way for the development of next-generation solutions to further optimize histopathology workflows.

Strengthening Expertise: Dr. García Joins Clarapath Board

As part of this collaboration, Dr. Joaquín García, a leading figure in digital pathology at Mayo Clinic, will join Clarapath’s Board of Directors.  His expertise will be invaluable in guiding the development and implementation of innovative technologies for the future of pathology labs.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Mayo Clinic to advance the modernization of anatomic pathology,” said Eric Feinstein, CEO of Clarapath. “Laboratories, like manufacturing plants, need constant innovation and modernization. With SectionStar, leaders can now reimagine the histology process to keep up with increasing caseloads and shrinking workforces. This will help patients get quicker test results and more immediate access to care.”

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