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Contentstack Launches Revolutionary Personalization Solution Leveraging Brand-Specific AI and Automation Business

Contentstack, the pioneer of the Headless CMS and Composable DXP categories, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution designed to tackle persistent personalization challenges faced by digital marketers. This innovative approach, announced at the company’s annual customer conference, ContentCon, addresses the overreliance on IT, generic AI content, and manual processes that hinder scalability. Esteemed speakers from Air France KLM, ASICS, Cartier, Dawn Foods, and Evinova graced the event, highlighting the transformative potential of this new offering.

Breaking Down Personalization Barriers

Contentstack’s latest solution introduces premium features seamlessly integrated into its headless CMS, coupled with an unparalleled “no-fail promise” customer support service. Key components of this offering include:

  • Personalize: An A/B/n testing and segmentation engine that simplifies the implementation and operationalization of personalized content.
  • Brand Kit: A writing assistant that generates brand-specific, AI-driven content at scale, ensuring alignment with the brand’s style, messaging, and Voice Profiles.
  • New Extensions for Contentstack Automate: Fully automated sequences that manage the complete lifecycle of personalized content and experiences.
  • Expanded Academy and AI Accelerator Program: Enhanced tools, training, and support designed to ensure successful AI use cases within weeks.

“Brands are facing a crisis of relevance. Our customers express concerns about digital sameness and the overwhelming pace of technological change,” stated Neha Sampat, founder and CEO of Contentstack. “Personalized digital experiences are the antidote, but they are notoriously difficult to achieve. Today’s announcement makes scalable personalization simple and achievable for the first time. No other solution is as comprehensive, and no other company is as committed to customer success.”

Contentstack Personalize: Precision in Messaging

Traditional personalization efforts often entail complicated implementations requiring multiple tools and extensive IT involvement. Contentstack Personalize, a native feature of the headless CMS, alleviates these issues by empowering marketers to control the personalization process independently. This capability is essential for creating highly tailored experiences through:

  • A/B/n Testing: Allows marketers to experiment with various content versions to identify the most effective messages.
  • Segmentation: Utilizes AI to craft content tailored to numerous audience segments, fostering deeper connections and improved engagement.

“We developed this personalization solution in close collaboration with our customers, addressing their most pressing challenges,” explained Conor Egan, VP of Product at Contentstack. “Marketers can now create personalized content for virtually limitless audience segments in the same time it previously took to create content for a single segment. And everything operates within the headless CMS.”

Early access to Contentstack Personalize is available starting today.

Contentstack Brand Kit: AI-Powered, Brand-Consistent Content Creation

While generative AI has revolutionized content creation, the results often lack brand-specific relevance. Contentstack’s Brand Kit enhances the AI Assistant, launched last year, to produce high-quality, brand-aligned content across all platforms. This process is fully automated via new AI connectors in Contentstack Automate.

Brand Kit introduces two essential functions to the headless CMS:

  • Knowledge Vault: A repository of brand assets, documents, customer insights, and contextual data that inform and refine AI-generated content.
  • Voice Profiles: Customizable rules that dictate the tone, style, and language of AI-generated content, adaptable based on audience, intent, or channel.

Brand Kit is available to all customers and is already being utilized by notable brands like Golfbreaks and MongoDB.

Expanded Contentstack Academy and AI Accelerator: Commitment to Customer Success

Contentstack Academy’s latest iteration provides extensive education on composable digital experiences and personalization strategies. Beyond product-focused training, it offers best practices for building marketing teams, selecting tools, and establishing content excellence centers.

The new AI Accelerator program enables customers to integrate AI into their processes within 30 days, providing comprehensive resources, workshops with Contentstack’s Technical Services Organization, and extensive Academy courses.

“Contentstack Automate, Brand Kit, and AI Accelerator have been invaluable during our CMS migration, significantly reducing manual work in content auditing, tagging, and SEO optimization,” said Subi Babu, Software Development Lead at MongoDB. “The support from Contentstack has allowed us to incorporate AI swiftly, efficiently, and securely into our critical business processes.”

For more information on Contentstack’s innovative products and the future of personalization, visit their website.

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