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Emerging Trends at the Intersection of AI & Marketing

Looking ahead, what emerging trends do you see in the intersection of AI and marketing, and how can startups best prepare to leverage these advancements for future growth?

I would say, we are going to see a lot of strategies around fast product creation, using AI and generally we overpass product creation and past market testing both of these paths, product creation, for example. And this doesn’t apply to every storm, of course, like or every like, it applies to like a specific types of tech startups, for example, or ecommerce startups or SAS startups. So, like they each day, of course, each type of business is different. But like for a group of startups, what happens that is that you can even do fast prototyping, using GPS, whether if you use a GPT as a product, or you actually use GPS to create like, a simple MVP, minimum viable product. And they see you go to market and test the product market fit before assigning a lot of resources to this. Now, back to my other basically point. Now, it also you can basically go and test the market pretty quickly, you can basically keep iterating this until you get to like a marketing approach that works.

Now, when you get to that point that you have now that one marketing approach that works or marketing strategy or like overall strategy that now we can scale it quickly. So, it’s like scaling with the help of generative AI is much easier and faster than basically you used to have like in the traditional methods. So that’s basically another thing. Now, given the amount of innovation in this space, I would say a lot of new growth hacking will emerge also again, another different software to basically like to help in different places. And it will go any aspect of the business. You can now think that gentleman or maybe some help, and you can find some tools, whether is market analysis and going after a targeting given new users to just basically brainstorming given ideas. And using Betsy Gentiva as a very, very smart like executive assistant to basically like coming up with whole new models, marketing models, based on guarantee by AI to basically a scaling up what were what you were doing to even like help with the private aspects.

So, I would say everything about the business, or at least many businesses will change in the next couple of years. And different definitely even they are changing Did for good or bad? I mean, like, so if you follow the news quickly, and I’m not going to name names, but like there are some companies that they lay off quite a lot right now, because they already generally May I took some of their business. Now they are like some other Yeah, there are some other companies that they are hiring. And if you go like after jobs in the like, for example, machine learning space, there are so many new jobs in that space. So, like, meanwhile, in this transition, there is an overall shift in job market. And like in the business landscape, like basically, and there’s so many, so I would say, I have been in business for about 20, more than 20 years, I’ve seen like a few of different waves, like really important waves from and I’ve been kind of involved with those, like VR, the blockchain wave before those social and mobile waves. And I would say I was not. Well, I mean, it’s like, okay, so eternity probably counts, I would say this is really bigger than setting aside the internet really, like bigger than any other shift industry, like major shifts that I’ve seen, it’s really like, is going to like have global impacts, I would say, there’s so many things to think about, is going to completely change the labor market, is the first time that technology can replace us, as humans completely can do things better than us. So why multiple of right now? I don’t know, like, the small multiples, but like in the future, maybe like 100x or 1000s? Then what do you do with something that can be 1,000x? is smarter than you, for example? Well, if smart is the right word there, yeah, but, but yeah, more capable than you. So at least right. So, everything is going to change now. And then we go somewhere that we don’t know, I don’t think even these big companies that they have this foundation of models, they exactly know.

That being said, okay, so what can you do on the individual level, what you can do is basically just be on top of these major shifts, and try to learn and try to understand and get as much help as you can, and see how you can use these new force, first of all, understand this new force, how it works, even what does it mean, I mean, when someone says, God, bear, so Right, so like, understand this new force, and then how to use it. And, and also, like, basically just follow the new waves and understand those, for example, again, like going back to Surah, that I mentioned, okay, surah was introduced, I think, is a couple of weeks now, like, more publicly, which is going to change the whole video creation scene, or space. Now, what does it mean for you? What does it mean for you if you are a videographer? What does it mean for you if you’re a camera company, so now like, so there are so many things there to think about? But you can think about these things if you’re really involved. And you basically follow the news, think about it, and try and brainstorm cetera. And then that becomes even if it is a trade for you, right? Now, it can become like an opportunity for you instead. So, I will say, that’s what we can do. But it’s a really major, major shift in everything. So that I think we are going to see, I would say the regulatory landscape overall, is very slow to move. And by the time they move, like it has, usually it has taken over everything. So, and then I wouldn’t bet on a lot of regulations limiting gender pay, I would see here and there, but it’s just, I would say, it’s beyond the understanding of even like regulators to like, regulate it on time. So, it was what would happen is that is going to go fast. Then as a person, or as a company, or as a C suite, the only thing that you can do is like ACT, be very well informed and adapt as soon as you can.

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