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Filmmakers use OpenAI Sora, and these 5 videos will blow your mind!


OpenAI Sora generated impressive videos, but most of these came from within the company itself.

Over a month after its launch, OpenAI Sora has given to filmmakers.

They created some clever and unique stuff with OpenAI Sora.

AI has taken the world by storm, quite literally. At the current rate that AI is growing, soon there might not be anything that AI cannot do. From the most basic of stuff to the crazier humanoids, we have seen AI grow like anything. When text generation first came out, we couldn’t even think that AI could generate videos too. However, that has become way too common too. OpenAI recently unveiled Sora, which is an artificial intelligence video generator. Sora generated impressive videos, but most of these came from within OpenAI. Now, over a month after its launch, OpenAI Sora has given to filmmakers for them to explore what the video-generating tool has to offer.

Furthermore, the filmmakers did not disappoint. My bad, it wasn’t just filmmakers but the group included creative directors, musicians, directors, as well as production companies. They created some clever and unique stuff with OpenAI Sora. Let’s see what they created.

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Filmmakers and their work with OpenAI Sora

Shy Kids

Toronto-based multimedia production company’s “Shy Kids” is one of my favourites from the lot. Sunny is a balloon-headed boy, filled with so many ideas, and wants to do so many things. Moreover, it has a narrative voice going on to keep you hooked.

The Golden Record

The Golden Record – Teaser Trailer from Paul Trillo on Vimeo.

In addition to that, Paul Trillo created The Golden Record using OpenAI Sora, and trust me you will be shocked to see the result. If I wouldn’t have known that these were created using Sora, I might not have been able to guess that AI was behind this. Along with that, he said it is very powerful “when you’re not replicating the old but bringing life to new and impossible ideas.” Watch it for yourself.

On the other hand, I would like to point out that shy kids also pointed out that Sora is still facing some limitations around character consistency.

Parallel world Beyond our Reality

Don Allen Stevenson III explored a parallel world Beyond our Reality. With the help of Sora, he brought to life a few creatures that he had conceptualised in his head.

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Fake Soda Company

Additionally, Nik Lkeverov, who is a part of the Emmy-nominated agency Native Foreign, created an ad film for a fake soda company, and boy it was fascinating.

August Kamps teaser

Lastly, August Kamp, a musician, created a teaser for his upcoming album using Sora.

With this, we can surely imagine how powerful AI can get in the future. But will its effects be all positive? It surely raises a concern about replacing artists, especially the smaller ones. What are your thoughts on this?

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