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First Impressions of OpenAI’s Sora Are Looking Scary Good

Since first being announced just over a month ago, there hasn’t been much new information about OpenAI’s hyper-advanced text-to-video AI model. The first videos though have been so impressive, and so insanely well-rendered, that it doesn’t matter much though as both AI techies and traditional film and video pros have had equal reason to be both excited and terrified of this new AI’s capabilities.

And while OpenAI still hasn’t announced an official release date for Sora to hit mainstream markets, or given too many more details about how it works compared to previous (and competitors’) models, we do have some new “First Impressions” of OpenAI’s Sora to share that look even more impressive, and scary, than before.

Let’s take a look at these new Sora renderings, as well as explore what creators (and filmmakers) who have had the chance to use Sora are saying about OpenAI’s powerful new text-to-video model.

Sora: First Impressions

Announced via a blog post on OpenAI’s website, we have seven new example videos of Sora in action that the OpenAI team has graciously decided to share with the general public to further excitement, as well as—perhaps—to start to damage control how filmmakers and video professionals, in particular, might think of this new technology.

OpenAI claims that they have “gained valuable feedback from the creative community” in this process as these filmmakers are actively “helping us to improve our model.”

Check out the latest “First Impression” Sora videos below:

What Filmmakers Are Saying

What’s perhaps most interesting about this is the clear hedging on OpenAI’s part to at least make it appear as if Sora is going to be more of a filmmaking tool rather than a replacement. For these “First Impressions”, OpenAI has been working with “visual artists, designers, creative directors, and filmmakers to learn how Sora might aid in their creative process.”

Here’s what they have to say:

“Sora is at its most powerful when you’re not replicating the old but bringing to life new and impossible ideas we would have otherwise never had the opportunity to see.” — Paul Trillo, Director“As great as Sora is at generating things that appear real – what excites us is its ability to make things that are totally surreal.” — shy kids

And while there are debates to be had about how AI will continue to change and reshape the film industry, it’s encouraging to hear from actual creatives as to how they see Sora changing the landscape.

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