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Future AI Crypto eTukTuk Launches Mobile Game: Best AI Crypto?




Sustainable transportation project eTukTuk launches mobile game while its presale for $TUK token surpasses $3 million.

Innovative future AI crypto project eTukTuk (TUK) aims to revolutionise urban transportation with a focus on sustainability and provide a utility-centric approach to blockchain.

While the presale for its native token, $TUK, has garnered significant interest, eTukTuk recently launched its mobile game, ‘Crazy TukTuk Taxi’.

Crazy TukTuk Taxi, now available on the Google Play Store with an upcoming Apple Store release, offers a glimpse into the eTukTuk vision. 

Players navigate bustling city streets, complete challenges and race iconic tuk-tuks.  Beyond entertainment, the mobile game’s launch signifies eTukTuk’s dedication to fulfilling its roadmap promises even before the presale concludes. 



This early foray into mobile gaming suggests the project’s potential for broader integration of AI technology within its ecosystem in the future.

Sustainable Transportation with eTukTuk

The core of eTukTuk lies in its ambitious vision for the future of urban mobility. Powered by the $TUK token, the project seeks to replace gas-powered tuk-tuks with eco-friendly electric alternatives. 

This extends beyond simply swapping engines; eTukTuk envisions a complete network, incorporating solar-powered charging stations and an AI-powered mobility platform.

The project’s whitepaper outlines a future of clean, affordable, and potentially engaging urban transportation. 

Imagine a network of electric tuk-tuks powered by a decentralised platform where users can contribute to a crowdsourced charging network and earn rewards for eco-conscious driving habits. This innovative approach to sustainability has resonated with environmentally conscious investors.

Presale Success and Exchange Listings

eTukTuk’s presale for $TUK tokens has surpassed the $3 million mark, exceeding expectations. With a starting price of just $0.03, the presale provides an attractive entry point for investors seeking early involvement. The developers have ensured accessibility by allowing purchases with major cryptocurrencies or credit/debit cards.

This is the first step. eTukTuk has set a hard cap target of $10.7 million to be reached across 26 presale stages. As the presale progresses, the price per $TUK will gradually increase, incentivising early investors. 

Following the presale, securing listings on decentralised (DEXs) and centralised exchanges (CEXs) is a priority to facilitate wider adoption.

eTukTuk offers a staking protocol with a 90% annual yield on invested tokens, further increasing its appeal. This lucrative incentive caters to investors seeking passive income opportunities in crypto.

Additionally, a successful security audit by Coinsult assures investors of the project’s strong foundation.

eTukTuk’s influence extends beyond finance. The project boasts a strong social media presence, with over 44,000 followers on Twitter alone. This organic support suggests a genuine public interest in eTukTuk’s mission. 

Prominent crypto YouTubers have also taken notice. For example, Franklin Emmanuel uploaded a video detailing eTukTuk’s potential for generating ‘massive passive income’ through staking rewards.


A Potential Long-Term Asset

From its successful presale and high staking rewards to its unwavering commitment to sustainability and delivering on roadmap features like the “Crazy TukTuk Taxi” mobile game, eTukTuk presents a compelling case for a future-proof crypto project.

As eTukTuk strives to create an emission-free transportation ecosystem, the $TUK token has the potential to become a long-term asset with a tangible real-world impact.

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