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Galaxy S25 Series To Support Google’s Second-Generation Gemini Nano Generative AI Update, With Samsung Rumored To Begin A Collaboration

Samsung introduced its own version of generative AI with the Galaxy S24 series called Galaxy AI, offering a suite of features that improve the daily driving experience of the company’s flagships. Now, the Korean giant is said to shift into overdrive mode, with the latest rumor doing the rounds claiming that Google’s second-generation Gemini Nano update will power the Galaxy S25. The company is said to collaborate with the advertising titan, which only means that next year’s flagships should tout even more features than the Galaxy S24 range.

Exact features list was not mentioned in the rumor, but Google could improve upon Gemini Nano with the next version when Samsung heavily markets the Galaxy S25 series

Various reports have provided data that Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series has accumulated more shipments than the previous-generation lineup thanks to Galaxy AI, so it is no surprise to learn that the company is rumored to be upping the experience with the Galaxy S25 launch. According to @negativeonehero, Samsung will team up with Google to bring the second-generation update of Gemini Nano to the Galaxy S25 range but it does not mention what sort of improvements we should expect from the three flagships.

Additionally, with Galaxy AI relying on a combination of on-device and cloud-based AI, will it be possible to run generative AI entirely locally on the Galaxy S25 family? Sadly, the rumor has not provided an update on this either. However, next year, with the arrival of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and Exynos 2500, it is possible to run on-device AI thanks to the massive processing push that these chipsets are expected to deliver, but that also depends if companies are willing to implement this change.

Google’s next-generation generative AI ‘Gemini Nano’ version 2 will be applied to Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S25 series to be released next year. Samsung Electronics recently began collaboration with Google to evolve the Galaxy S25’s on-device AI, including generative AI.

— Nguyen Phi Hung (@negativeonehero) April 17, 2024

We also do not know if the second-generation Gemini Nano will add more features to the existing Galaxy AI suite or if Samsung will keep its ‘Galaxy AI’ branding or shift to something else. In short, there are more questions thanks to the latest rumor, and it is too early to comment on what the company’s plans are. Thankfully, the Galaxy S25 launch is still several months, so hopefully, we will stumble upon more updates and provide timely information accordingly.

News Source: @negativeonehero

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