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Gemini is making it to more people

Google’s Gemini is a tool that can benefit everyone, but not everyone can use it. The thing is that many Gemini features (even Gemini itself) aren’t available in all regions. This is because of several reasons. Well, Google just announced that Gemini is making it to more people.

Gemini is making it to more people, starting with India

When a company releases a new AI tool, it needs to be localized to different regions. This involves making it compatible with different languages. In America, the language is easy; English (even though what some states call English is debatable). Over in India, there are several languages that companies have to take into consideration.

Google finally made the Gemini app available in India, and it’s available in nine languages in that country. These languages are Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. Gemini Advanced, powered by Gemini 1.5, is also available in those languages in India. This makes Google’s powerful AI technology available to millions more people.

With Gemini 1.5, users have access to the massive 1 million-token context window. This also sets the stage for more powerful features to hit the region. Google announced some really cool stuff during Google I/O 2024. So, the folks in India could be in for some exciting AI tech.

Gemini in Messages is coming to more people

Google has been working on integrating Gemini into its first-party messaging app. If you’re using a Pixel or newer Galaxy phone, then you’re able to use Gemini in Google Messages. You can use it to draft messages, get ideas, etc. It’s like a messaging assistant, and you can communicate with it just like any other chatbot.

Well, it’s been limited over the past couple of months. Gemini in Google Messages is finally making it to more people. It’s dropping the Pixel/Galaxy phone requirement. You can use it with any Android phone (however, it might not be available if you’re running a long-forgotten version of Android) with at least 6GB of RAM.

Gemini in Google Messages is available in India, but it’s limited to English.

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