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Google Gemini AI Assistant Could Get a New Floating Window, Automation Features, More: Report

Google’s Gemini AI Assistant is reportedly getting new capabilities to rival Google Assistant. The tech giant released its Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) model as a voice assistant for Android smartphones earlier this year but it could not perform on-device tasks that Google Assistant could, which made it unpopular among users despite its advantages. Now, a report claims that Google is working to add multiple new features such as a floating window, prompt scheduling, and real-time generation. Notably, an earlier report highlighted Gemini for Android could also get the ability to play music from third-party apps.

Gemini AI floating window feature

According to a report by PiunikaWeb (via AssembleDebug), a new feature in Gemini AI for Android could rework how the assistant reveals information. Currently, when the AI is prompted with a question, it opens a separate screen to show the written information, text, or videos sourced from the internet.

Gemini AI floating window
Photo Credit: PiunikaWeb/AssembleDebug


However, this obstructs the active app and the user is required to tap the back button to go back to the app. But, with this new update, Gemini will open in a floating window over the app, as per the report. This window is said to not even expand for information on topics that do not require long generation of text.

Gemini AI Live Prompts feature

Another new feature that could be making its way to the Google Gemini Assistant is being called Live Prompts, as per a report by Android Authority (via AssembleDebug). As per the report, the Gemini app’s settings screen shows this new option. Its description says, “Tap on any prompt to change the details or scheduling. You can also pause or delete them [to] make room for new ones.”

gemini live prompts androidauthority Gemini AI Live Prompts

Gemini AI Live Prompts
Photo Credit: Android Authority/AssembleDebug


Based on the description, it appears to be a prompt scheduler. While its full range of functionality is not known yet, in theory, it can allow users to automate tasks and create routines which the Google Assistant is capable of. For example, users can set it up to provide weather updates every morning at 7am.

Gemini AI files support

Further, a couple of features for the Gemini Android app were also spotted recently. A separate Android Authority report claims Gemini AI is now allowing users to upload PDF files and other documents. This feature was found within the app’s flags, although it does not work at the moment. It is believed that Gemini could provide summary and answer questions based on the file. However, it is not known whether this feature will be available to all users or will be reserved for just the Google One AI Premium subscribers.

Gemini AI real-time generation

Finally, a separate PiunikaWeb report mentioned that the Gemini AI could get real-time generation capabilities. Put simply, this means when the AI is asked a query, it generates the text in real-time line by line so the user does not have to wait before it is completely generated. A button to enable this feature was spotted by AssembleDebug within the app.

Notably, none of these features are available to general users or beta testers. These were all found via strings of codes within the app, and it is difficult to say for certain that these features will definitely be shipped out.

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