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Google lets you ask questions of its AI tool Gemini directly through Chrome

EU users wil have to wait as AI chatbot finds a new home on smartphones


Google has made accessing Gemini easier. You can now ask the AI chatbot questions by typing @gemini followed by your prompt. Clicking enter will open Gemini and instantly show you the answer to your question.

However, as this feature has only just been launched, it may be a while before everyone can use it.

Google also announced that Gemini’s mobile application – for both iOS and Android – will become available in 100 additional countries, for a total of more than 150 countries, where you can use Gemini via Google Assistant.



Unfortunately, Gemini’s application is not yet available in the European Union. The reason is the EU’s strict laws on disinformation and protecting the privacy of users and their data. Google does let it be known that it is working to bring Gemini’s app to even more countries as soon as possible. In the EU, though, you can still use Gemini online.

Gemini got off to a rough start with consumers who were awed enough by ChatGPT that it ate up much of the public space devoted to AI. Google’s first attempt at an AI chatbot, Bard, failed to capture the imaginatino, so a new version came out in February 2024 renamed Gemini.

Even then things initially went wrong. Gemini was criticised as being too ‘woke’. In an attempt to break the stereotype of tech companies building things first and worrying about bias later, Gemini was trained to put diversity first. Unfortunately, the pendulum appeared to swing too far as shown in the replies to queries such as creating an image of ‘a US senator from 1800’ that produced images of black women and Native Americans, and a request to create a ‘German soldier from 1943’ also generated a black man and an Asian woman.

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