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Google’s AI chatbot could adopt a new nickname before it debuts


  • Google is integrating AI into its existing products, like Google Assistant, to make AI more accessible.
  • Google may be changing the rumored name of Assistant with Bard to just “Bard,” making the title shorter.
  • Google has recently made changes to Assistant, including removing certain features, which may have been done in preparation for Bard’s rollout.

Google has been immersed in its AI initiatives for years, and several consumer-facing services have been rolled out over the past few months. You’re probably already using one of the company’s apps or products at home or in the office, and now, Google wants to help you embrace AI. Through the integration of AI with existing products, such as Google Assistant, the company is making the technology more accessible and approachable. Google’s plans to combine Assistant with Bard — its AI chatbot — have been relatively well known. However, some of the details may still be in flux.

According to 9to5Google, Google could be changing the previously revealed name of Assistant with Bard to just “Bard.” It seems that the move could be imminent following a closer look at Google app version 15.2, which revealed a change to the AI product’s introduction. Originally, it appeared that Assistant with Bard would greet users with “Hi! I’m Assistant with Bard.” Now, the updated version looks to be, “Hi! I’m Bard, a new experimental AI assistant on your phone.” Judging by this change, Google could be looking to cut back on the longer title before the tool officially debuts.

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Although Assistant and Bard have yet to be merged, the company has already been making changes to Assistant — for better or for worse. Google has acknowledged a dip in the user experience when it comes to Assistant and pledged more of a focus on “quality and reliability.” However, it has announced a series of features it will be eliminating from Assistant, including playing and controlling audiobooks on Google Play Books via voice and cookbook management. Managing Smart Display and Speaker stopwatches, alarms, and sending an email, video, or audio message via voice are also being eliminated.

Given these downgrades, it isn’t hard to envision more people turning to alternatives like ChatGPT for similar services as they wait for Bard’s rollout as an assistant. At the beginning of 2024, rumors began circulating that ChatGPT could eventually be set as the default voice assistant on Android devices. This came after a teardown of an APK revealed that a feature may trigger the chatbot in the future. However, it doesn’t seem to be possible to queue up ChatGPT with a hot word, unlike Google Assistant and presumably the upcoming Bard assistant.

Whether this comes to fruition has yet to be seen, but it would undoubtedly be a head-scratcher, given Google’s evolving rivalry with OpenAI. The changes appearing in Assistant could very well be related to its merge with Bard, however. The end product could be more than a sufficient replacement for ChatGPT in everyday life, but nothing is certain just yet.

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