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Google’s Gemini is Coming to Opera Browser, Brings AI Features Including Imagen 2

Google is now sharing its Gemini AI with Opera, and the latter browser company recently confirmed this to arrive at its Aria AI, with it getting the multimodal capabilities from the renowned model. 

Gemini will share its AI capabilities with Opera’s Aria under a limited release, centered on the AI capabilities and features available from Google, including Imagen 2. 

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On top of that, users may choose which AI technology or model to use on their browser, offering various integrations from the company, Google, and more. 

Google’s Gemini is Coming to Opera’s Browser

The latest blog post from Opera announced its partnership with Google, which brings over the Gemini AI to the Opera browser and powers its current AI assistant, Aria. This collaboration with Google Cloud will deliver the renowned multimodal model, best known for being touted by Google as its most powerful model yet, centering on up-to-date information and more. 

Opera revealed that for 20 years, Google and their company have cooperated on the internet landscape. Now, both are widening their work towards improving more of the AI features on their browsers. 

Gemini will be accessible as part of Opera’s multi-LLM Composer AI engine, which will decide what is best applicable for the user and their needs, choosing which AI model is the perfect fit.

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Aria Gets Gemini: AI, Imagen 2, and MORE

Aria has received Gemini now, and it offers features, including AI Feature Drops, which deliver the latest experimental developments in the space for users to try. Gemini will also bring its renowned Imagen 2 model that runs on Vertex, offering Google’s AI image generation to users. 

Gemini on Opera’s Aria is now accessible via the Opera One Developer version.

AI on Browser: Google and Opera

Last year’s AI revolution saw OpenAI’s ChatGPT lead the world with its sweeping presence. While it stands alone, it has become a massive product integrated among various technologies. Among the many partners it had, Kunlun Tech’s Opera received the ChatGPT integration, which allows users to experience various features and functions right on the platform. 

However, it was not the only one planning that. The renowned internet company Google followed up with Gemini, offering the multimodal model to its search engine for improved capabilities. This is Google’s renowned AI search product, and it centers on employing Gemini to bring users search results, help make them understandable, and summarize the content. 

Gemini has had its ups and downs since it was released last December, with some recent releases from Google facing massive scrutiny. However, it is still one of the top choices for multimodal AI technology. The recent partnership between Opera and Google aims to deliver Gemini for Kunlun Tech’s niche browser, with Aria powered by Gemini, which could be the choice for the web browser platform’s operations.

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