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How AI Will Revolutionize the Industry

By Sandiip Kapur


Marketing is going through a transitional time. The way marketers work has fundamentally changed due to new technology, which impacts everything from the responsibilities of the chief marketing officer to the kinds of material created and why.


Advertising is still performing well, contributing steadily or possibly even more to global economic growth. There are far more chances than not for an advertising renaissance.


Today’s most knowledgeable marketers are flexible and quick to change. Here are five trends that will affect marketing and advertising in the future: experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI), enhancing the way we use vast amounts of data, engaging with customers on their terms, and creating brand loyalty through authentic storytelling. Web users may ignore advertisers who do not use new technology. The internet has significantly impacted the advertising sector, which is still growing as new platforms and technologies are introduced.


Even though there are more channels and venues than ever, consumers are exposed to so much advertising daily that it takes something remarkable to capture their attention. Many businesses also use advertising testing to stay competitive in the advertising sector. Find out how technology innovations are affecting the advertising sector.




The focus has shifted from blogging to video blogging, and video bloggers are taking control of social media and its limitless potential. Content and video creators may now interact more effectively, quickly, and intelligently thanks to developing new, high-performance smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.


Advancing Web Applications:


PWAs, or progressive web apps, bring an app’s functionality to the browser environment. This ensures a consistent customer experience regardless of how your clients access your goods and services, and it further cements mobile’s place as the most popular online access method.


PWAs are becoming more popular because they strongly emphasize the user experience.


The Popularity Of Videos And Content:


Ten to twenty years ago, everything revolved around the TV. Still, with the internet and the rise of social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat, video advertising has increased, and the worth of its content has skyrocketed. Consumers accustomed to seeing videos could find static images like old-fashioned billboards boring.


The New King Is Programmatic:


A novel method of advertising to consumers over the internet or digital out-of-home is programmatic buying. Publishers, marketers, and intermediaries can now swiftly target specific individuals with digital ads by placing electronic bids. Using audience data from the brand, the “owner/brand” can personalize a particular message and creative to the right person, at the right time, in a suitable location.


Smart Email Marketing:


Intelligent targeting makes email, which is already a very effective and robust digital marketing medium, even more effective. The top email marketing platforms already include sophisticated capabilities that aid in the hyper-specific identification of consumer groups more inclined to purchase particular products than others. Keep in mind that sending too much email might overwhelm customers and that there are more effective ways to reach out to people, such as new technologies that can help your email rise to the top of inboxes.


Some People’s Success Is Also Others’ Downfall:


Due to the growth of digital and mobile, conventional media outlets like print and radio are facing a decline in their audience and reach, forcing them to think creatively and develop new methods to survive. In some parts of the world where digital investments are gaining ground, even television is no longer king.




Today, some of the most successful companies strive to give their customers a better experience. Marketers must ensure that they have the required technology & customer insights to provide relevant content and related experiences across platforms.


(The author is Sandiip Kapur, Founder & President of Promodome Group, and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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