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How B2C marketers can tap into fresh marketing insights with generative AI

How B2C marketers can tap into fresh marketing insights with generative AI If you are a B2C marketer or brand manager, learning what gen AI can do is a crucial step to stay ahead of competitors in a saturated market.

1. Learn about the state of generative AI in marketing  B2C marketers say implementing consumer insights in decision-making is a top challenge. Some common barriers to insights-driven decisions are: 

● Siloed data: Internal silos and poor integration hamper data availability.

● Data volume: Managing the exponential growth of customer data is overwhelming for many teams.

● Lack of accessibility: Insights are often not available at the point of need, hindering decision-making. But generative AI is poised to change that. A study by Harvard Business School shows that generative AI can help people complete marketing tasks 21.2% faster and at 40% higher quality. Companies successfully implementing AI for personalization report up to 40% higher revenue growth, MicKinsey shares. Lastly, WARC research says 58% of marketers in the US expect the task of analyzing market data to change the most due to generative AI. 

2. Uncover the advantage of proprietary AI insights for marketing While generic tools like ChatGPT are accessible, they can’t provide the differentiated advantage you need in today’s competitive B2C landscape.   B2C marketers need specialized AI insights assistants wired directly into your company’s proprietary data for tailored, trustworthy insights.   A purpose-built specialized generative AI assistant like DeepSights™ leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to synthesize data at scale. Then it uses a gen AI technique called Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to leverage the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) alongside your organization’s proprietary data. This taps into trusted, organization-specific data sources to gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviors — which you can then share with a one-click report.  Additionally, when generative AI tools are integrated with Microsoft Teams and Google Chat, organizations can create a seamless flow of insights that cuts through data silos and delivers the market knowledge needed to drive winning strategies. 

3. Discover tangible use cases for generative AI in marketing workflows Using gen AI, brand managers and marketers like yourself can effectively leverage AI-powered insights to banish brand fatigue and freshen up marketing concepts with unique themes on par with customer preferences.  

● Use case: Insights-driven opportunity identification  Scenario 2: A kitchen appliance brand sought to expand its espresso machine sales during economic uncertainty. By querying their generative AI assistant about emerging consumer trends, they learned of a “treat culture” on social media, where consumers indulge in small luxuries despite tighter budgets. The insights identified an opportunity to position their machines as an affordable luxury for barista-quality coffee at home.

With these insights, the brand manager reframed their campaign to reflect self-care and affordability, appealing directly to cost-conscious consumers seeking quality specialty drinks.  Get the full use cases, with a step-by-step breakdown of how to leverage gen AI in our latest guide, How B2C marketers can harness fresh insights for best results in the age of generative AI.

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