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How Gen AI Innovations Will Help Transform California’s Public Sector

Accenture is redefining the landscape of generative AI with its unique approach and robust investment in technology and partnerships. Since Accenture announced its $3 billion AI investment last year – with a commitment to double AI talent and expand asset development – the company stands out in the field of gen AI solutions. This substantial investment supports the creation of scalable, ethical, and reliable AI solutions, leveraging expertise from Accenture’s Center of Advanced AI and global network of gen AI studios. As an early leader, Accenture has pioneered responsible AI guidelines, employing frameworks and operationalizing systems to ensure AI is ethical, trustworthy, inclusive, safe, explainable, and reliable.

Accenture’s approach is further distinguished by its collaboration with a world-class team of industry and technology partners. This includes public and private sector partnerships in the transportation sector, as well as with linguistic experts, to enhance language access. These collaborations are bolstered by robust technology partnerships which include Microsoft as a provider of innovative solutions for the State of CA’s gen AI proof of concepts.

The potential long-term benefits of gen AI implementation, particularly in the state of California, are significant. Following Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-12-23 on generative artificial intelligence, California has embarked on a strategic journey to harness gen AI in ways that align with the state’s goals of enhancing access to information and services and advancing equity, inclusion, and accessibility. This initiative is carefully balanced with risk mitigations and guardrails, guided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) AI Risk Management Framework (RMF) and international policies.

Mark Noriega, Accenture’s managing director for the State of California, emphasized the significance of this initiative. “The responsible introduction of generative AI into state practices is of the utmost importance for California, and we and Microsoft are honored to partner with the State on this priority. Gen AI will accelerate innovation, reshaping perceptions of what’s possible,” Noriega stated. He further noted that this partnership is poised to set a benchmark on how technology can be effectively utilized to improve governmental operations and services.

The envisioned benefits of gen AI in California are extensive and varied:

  • In transportation, gen AI could lead to a safer, more equitable, and sustainable system, improving incident and work zone management, analyzing real-time traffic patterns, and optimizing freight mobility.
  • Healthcare could see more streamlined and compliant facility inspections, enhancing work conditions for surveyors and health outcomes for patients.
  • Enhancements in language and communication access could make state content more accessible to individuals with limited English proficiency.
  • Gen AI could also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state operations, such as conducting sentiment analysis of public feedback on state policies and optimizing software coding, particularly in managing and modernizing legacy systems.

These initiatives not only aim to transform the operational landscape in California but also set a precedent for how generative AI can be leveraged to improve governmental functions and services on a broader scale.

Accenture’s work with state and local government agencies across California reflects our commitment to helping our clients achieve high performance. Over 4,500 Accenture employees live and work in California delivering a broad range of services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations, and are proud to help their clients make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

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