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How to clone Voice of Your Favorite Celebrity with AI ( Detailed Tutorial 2024 ) | by AI Universe | Apr, 2024

You must have been curious sometimes to mimic or imitate your favorite celebrity. At least once in your life, you must have wanted to be in their shoes. To talk in the classy style of Morgan Freeman, to be a comedian like Chris Rock, and to sing like Rihanna or Justin Bieber .Some of you might even want to sound as quick-witted and flamboyant as Tony Stark. Isn’t it?

Deep down, we want to be like them, feel the fame, and live like them. Don’t we?

What if I tell you that you can’t be like them but you can sound exactly like them

Check this Video First :

Headphones or Earphones are Highly Recommended

This is High Quality AI Cloned Voice of Denzel Washington motivating new Content Creators to make best quality Content

Today we are going to learn how to clone the Voice of your favorite Celebrity

Yes, you heard it right!

That’s what we are going to cover in this post. We are going to clone the Voice of any Actor / Actress in just a matter of seconds with advanced AI.

I tried many other Voice Cloning Software online but achieved this High-level Audio Quality in the least time with Speechify AI Voice Studio

I would recommend you to Try Speechify AI Studio Professional Annual Plan ( They are providing a whooping 59% OFF on the Annual Plan right now so it is the best time for you to check it out )

This will be a detailed tutorial on Voice Cloning ( Complete Step by Step Process ) You need to read very carefully and follow each step one at a time to attain maximum accuracy and High-Quality results. We will be using logic and human touch to create something you have never seen before

Before starting the tutorial I would like to give a Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Voice cloning is an advanced technology that can be misused easily to spread Fake News, create a false narrative, tarnish and damage the image of a famous personality and public figures or even be misused for online scams and frauds. The tutorial is just for Educational purposes to create awareness of new technology and utilize it for ethical use and goodwill

So let’s get started

Here is the Basic 7 Steps Framework for this complete Tutorial

Step 1 Choose the celebrity High-Quality Voice Samples ( Interviews, Podcasts, Speeches, or Movie clips )

Step 2 Prepare the Training Voice Sample

Step 3 Upload the Voice Sample

Step 4 Clone the Voice

Step 5 Use the Cloned Voice to make them Speak whatever you want

Step 6 Refine and Improve

Step 1 Choose Your celebrity voice

You may choose your favorite Celebrity but for the sake of this tutorial I am choosing Denzel Washington ( I like him personally ! )

Step 2 — Prepare the Training Voice Sample

This is further divided into 2 Parts

Part 1 Trim the Audio

Part 2 Compress the Audio to less than 1 MB

Part 1 Trim the Audio

I found hundreds of YouTube videos on youtube about Denzel Washington’s Speech

I picked this one
( His Speech at the University of Pennsylvania to Graduate Students )

Here is the thing you need to Remember 👍

  • Choose the clip in which only a Single Person is Speaking
  • The Voice should be noise-free and without Echo, Reverb, and other Noise distractions
  • You need at least 120 seconds of High-Quality Sample
  • The Size of the Training Audio Clip should be less than 1 MB

If you follow this your Audio Quality is sure to be excellent

  • I am going to copy the YouTube video URL and past it to ( Online YouTube to Mp3 Converter )

  • Download the File and Save it to your computer
  • Now We have to trim the Audio to about 120 seconds
  • Go to ( No signup required ) and trim the audio

  • Keep that part where the Voice is clear, Noise-Free, and consistent
  • Wait for the file to upload. It is Completely

  • I have chosen the best part of the speech where only Denzel is Speaking
  • Here is the Timestamp: 07:08.00 to 09:14.00

  • I have trimmed this part the Final Trimmed Audio is 126 seconds ( 2 minutes & 6 seconds )
  • Export this part as MP3
  • Save it on your Folder
  • I am Renaming it as “ Denzel Speech.mp3 ”
  • The Size of this File is 2.6 MB

I am creating a new folder in my computer and Saving all the files in one place to make them organized and easy to use

Part 2 — Compress the Audio to less than 1 MB

Now we need to compress the trimmed Voice Sample without losing Quality and Bitrate

Step 3

  • Apply the setting and compress
  • Download the Compressed file
  • Save it on your Device

I am going to rename it “ Denzel compressed.mp3”

The size of this file is 867 KB ( Without Losing Original Quality and Bitrate )

Listen Quality of the Voice

Now we have done the basic task

Now comes the Main and most Interesting Part

Step 4 Create a Voice Clone

I have tried and tested many Online Voice cloning tools but they don’t deliver the High Quality that Speechify Voice Studio provides

There are 4 Main reasons to Choose Speechify AI Studio

1- The High-Quality outputs

2- Less Training Data ( only 1 MB file Required )

3- Instant Voice Cloning Option

4 -No Authentication or consent to make a voice clone

If you try other Voice Cloning tools in the market, they ask for consent, authentication, and voice verification of the person whose voice is to be cloned ( For Ethical and Safe Use )

But Speechify doesn’t have this big limitation. You can clone any voice without Authentication

With that being said Let’s go further

Go to Speechify Studio

Sign in with your Google Account

Choose Clone Voice

I am going to upload “ Denzel compressed.mp3”

I am going to name this Voice as Denzel’s Voice

Click on “Create Clone”

Accept the Terms of Use and Give your Signature

Wait for a few Seconds and Your Voice Clone is Ready!

Step 5 Use the Cloned Voice to make them Speak Whatever you want

Now to use this cloned Voice to create custom texts you have to Upgrade to Speechify Studio

You can upgrade to Speechify Basic but I would recommend the Speechify Professional Annual Plan ( you can 59% off on the Annual Plan )

Now you can make Denzel Washington speak whatever you want him to

First, we will Create a script that can be used in Speechify Studio to create Text to Speech

So Here I have created a Basic Script with ChatGPT which focuses on motivating content creators to make Quality Content Online

Alright now, listen up, all you storytellers, and creators out there. Um, you got this spark inside you, right? This fire burning to share something with the world? Well, I see it. But here’s the thing, here’s the deal: don’t just be another voice in the noise, another face in the crowd. At the end of the day, you gotta make it count. Each word, every episode, it’s gotta be something that sticks with folks. So, here’s the truth, listen carefully, Like, you give ’em knowledge, teach ’em a thing or two. You know, give them a perspective they ain’t considered. Give them value, and you’ve got a foundation that’ll, like, hold through all the trends and fads. See, you are not a copy machine. And mind this, you got your own voice, your own style, your own way of seeing things. Embrace that! Make your words sing with something’ no one else can replicate.

Now listen to the Synthesised AI Cloned Voice of Denzel Washington made using Speechify AI Studio

I am to going add more to it to make the speech more strong and inspiring

Here is the text script which will be converted into AI Speech

Um , You wanna be the type of creator that when someone sees your name, um, they say, “Alright, I know this is gonna be good.”, That means being consistent, and, Showing up when you say you will, The Key thing is to deliver quality content with consistency, and what makes you unique and different is that you avoid making rubbish and useless pieces. That’s how you build an audience that’ll follow you wherever you go. Don’t you ? And listen to this very carefully, it is not gonna be easy. There’ll be days you want to pack it all in and let the doubts take root. But remember this, you all: you have been gifted with a way to connect, to share, to build something that resonates. So, get out there. Put in the work. Make mistakes, But, most importantly learn from them, and grow with them. Always strive to create something that matters. I mean, Something that’ll leave your mark on this world. Do you get it? I know you are listening to this very attentively. And lastly my dear friends, um, you got what it takes, and, go make it happen!

I feel these samples are good but are not outstanding or excellent

Step 6 Refine and Improve

But if you are looking for more improved and Professional time Voice then use Free Online Audio Mixing Software like Bandlab

So here is what we are going to do

  • Refine and Reduce Noise of the AI Voices
  • Enhance the Quality of Voices by using software like Adobe Enhance Adobe Podcasts and BandLab
  • We will add Studio Quality Effect, Little Echo, Add Graphic Equalizer
  • Add FX, Adjust Reverb, and other Audio Settings
  • Add Background Music

Adding FX and Background Music in BandLab

It will take some time but it is worth it as it will drastically improve the quality of the Final Result

After Exporting the Enhanced Audio

I have created a Final Video which is high Quality with captions

Take A look at this

Watch this with Headphones in your ear ( Highly Recommended )

Here is the Final Synthesised AI Cloned Voice of Denzel Washington giving a Speech to Content Creators

So guys this was the full tutorial on how you can create a Voice Clone of your favourite Celebrity

You can play around a bit and pick your favorite celebrity whose Voice you want to clone

I tried many other Voice Cloning Software online but achieved this High-level Audio Quality in the least time with Speechify AI Voice Studio

I would recommend you to Try Speechify AI Studio Professional Annual Plan ( They are providing a whooping 59% OFF on the Annual Plan so it is the best time for you to check it out )

I will be back with another detailed AI Tutorial like this. Stay tuned

Have a Good day!

Note: This Post contains some affiliate links if you click on them and make a purchase or sign up for a paid plan we may earn some commissions. This way you will help and support our work. Thanks

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