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OpenAI’s ChatGPT continues to set new standards in AI-powered communication with its latest feature: Custom Instructions. This innovative addition allows users to tailor the AI’s responses to better suit their specific needs and preferences. Initially exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, this powerful tool is now available to all users.

Whether you’re a content creator looking to streamline your content scheduling, or a small business owner in need of personalised business advice, this feature can significantly improve the efficiency and relevance of ChatGPT’s responses.

Here’s how you can use Custom Instructions to enhance your interactions with ChatGPT and optimise them for your niche.

1. Login to your ChatGPT account

Start by logging into your ChatGPT account. This is the first step in accessing the customisation features.

2. Tap on your profile icon

Once logged in, navigate to the bottom left corner of the screen and tap your profile icon. This will open a menu with various options.

3. Select “Customise ChatGPT

Select “Customise ChatGPT” from the menu. This will take you to a new window where you can set your custom instructions.

4. Enter your custom instructions

In the new window you will see two fields:

“What would you like ChatGPT to know about you to give you better answers?”

Here you can enter any preferences or specific information you would like ChatGPT to consider when responding to your requests. This could include your industry, interests, or special areas of expertise.

“How do you want ChatGPT to respond?

This section allows you to specify the tone, style, or format you prefer for ChatGPT’s responses. This is particularly useful for maintaining a consistent voice in professional communications.

5. Save your custom instructions

When you have completed both sections, tap the Save button. Your custom instructions are now active and all future prompts will be tailored to your specifications.

Meanwhile, here is how you can use ChatGPT to kill time with fun games

With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, ChatGPT is becoming more than just a productivity and problem-solving tool. Kenyans are discovering a delightful way of killing time by playing various engaging games on ChatGPT. Whether you’re on the free version or the more advanced GPT-4 model, here are some entertaining games you can enjoy right from your device.

Play Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-tac-toe, the classic game of Xs and Os, comes to life on ChatGPT. Using a text-based interface, players enter their moves by specifying positions, and ChatGPT draws the visual board using the Markdown language. While the GPT-3.5 model is fairly easy to beat, the GPT-4 model offers a more challenging opponent. Just type the prompt “Play tic-tac-toe with me” and start playing!

Read my mind

Ever wondered if AI could read your mind? “Read My Mind” is an engaging game where ChatGPT tries to guess what you are thinking by asking you 10 questions, all of which can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”. This game showcases ChatGPT’s impressive reasoning abilities and is a fun challenge for users. Start with the prompt: “I want to play a game where you have to guess what I am thinking. You can ask me a maximum of 10 questions. I can only answer yes or no.”

Playing Hangman

Hangman is another timeless word game you can play with ChatGPT. The AI selects a six-letter word and you guess one letter at a time. Each correct guess reveals the position of the letter in the word. You have six tries to guess the word, but correct guesses don’t count against you. For a smoother experience, use the GPT-4 model, which can handle the game better without forgetting the word. Prompt ChatGPT with “Play Hangman with me”.

Quiz Games

Given ChatGPT’s vast knowledge of many subjects, trivia games are particularly exciting. Whether you’re interested in science, history, or pop culture, ChatGPT can quiz you and keep track of your score. For accurate and informative questions, it’s best to use the GPT-4 model. To start, use the prompt “Play a quiz with me. Ask me questions about science and technology. Ask a total of 5 questions, one at a time”.

Guess the word with emojis

A creative and fun game to play is to guess words based on a series of emoticons provided by ChatGPT. The first letter of the name of each emoji forms the word you have to guess. Popularised on platforms such as Reddit, this game is a great way to test your emoji knowledge and have fun. To start, prompt ChatGPT with “Give me a set of emoji to guess the word”.

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