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How to use generative AI to plan your vacation

Planning a vacation can be as overwhelming as it is exciting, given everything you need to do, from booking flights and accommodations to finding activities that match your interests. To simplify this process, take advantage of Gemini’s (formerly known as Google Bard) new set of capabilities. The best part is that you can access the platform through your laptop or Chromebook or use it while you’re on the go using your flagship or budget Android phone or iPhone.

How does Gemini make traveling easier?

Gemini, an artificial intelligence platform similar to ChatGPT, is now integrated with various Google services, like Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Flights. Here’s how to best use Gemini’s capabilities to make trip planning easier.

Check the weather

Gemini’s integration with Google Search allows the tool to provide you with real-time information. You can check the weather conditions at your destination and pack appropriately.

Ask for a suggested packing list based on the weather

Not sure what to wear this time of year or want to blend in with the locals? If you’re traveling to a new destination and are unfamiliar with the dressing norms of the locals, ask Gemini to generate a list of outfit ideas and other accessories you should pack.

Look up real-time flights for your preferred dates

While you’re at it, you can quickly look up flights to your destination and back. This simplifies the process of searching for flights and comparing the prices and durations.

Get a list of hotels for your stay

If you’re unsure where to stay during your trip, ask Gemini to create a list of hotels in the area. Gemini’s suggestions include names and photos of several hotels, along with each hotel’s star rating, a brief description of what you can expect, and the price per night. Use this as a starting point to compare your options and make an informed decision.

Ask for suggested activities in the area

You can ask Gemini to suggest activities you might enjoy during your stay. Gemini tailors its recommendations to your preferences, if any, and suggests events that align with your travel dates.

Request a list of relevant YouTube videos about the destination

If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place and want to know more about things to do in the area, local customs, and not-so-popular attractions, ask Gemini to curate a list of relevant YouTube videos about the destination.

Look up currency conversion rates

If you’re traveling abroad, budgeting before you leave is crucial. Gemini can make estimating your expenses and how much money to bring along with you easier by providing real-time currency conversion rates and listing potential expenses you might incur while traveling.

Check out local dining options

Want to enjoy the local fare while you’re traveling? Gemini can help you discover the best dining options in the area. You can even specify the type of cuisine you’d like to try to get more relevant results.

Get directions to places

When you have a tentative idea of the places you’d like to visit, Gemini can help you plan your vacation better by giving directions to various places. This can help you map out the most efficient route for your outings and maximize your vacation days.


Here’s how to prompt Gemini, according to Google

Google published a cheat sheet to get the most out of its AI tool

Be sure to double-check Gemini’s responses

Gemini is a powerful AI tool that generates fairly accurate results due to its integration with other Google services. Still, it’s best to verify the information it provides, particularly regarding things like local customs, potential expenses, and health advisories.

Make the switch to Gemini

While Gemini has limitations compared to Google Assistant, and you should wait to switch from the latter, using the AI platform with Assistant can make travel planning easier and more straightforward.

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