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How to use the AI-powered Magic Compose feature

Magic Compose uses generative AI to suggest responses to text messages. It launched in May 2023 but is only available in a limited capacity through the Google Messages app. Unlike the Pixel 8’s AI features, it isn’t limited to specific devices. We show you how to activate and use Magic Compose in Google Messages and how to sign up to test the feature. While it’s available on any device, we recommend the Google Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro for the best AI experience.

How to sign up for Magic Compose

Google is slowly rolling out Magic Compose to all Google Messages users. However, it is limited to:

  • Users aged 18 and older.
  • English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Korean languages.
  • The US, France, and the UK.
  • The beta version of the Google Messages app.

To add yourself to the waitlist, join the Google Messages app beta. Go to the Google Messages Play Store page and tap Become a tester. You’ll do the same thing on the Carrier Services app.

While Google states you must be part of the Carrier Services testing program to access Magic Compose, we could only access it by signing up for the Google Messages testing program.

Google will eventually roll the feature out to your phone, but you can place yourself on the priority list by signing up for

Google One Premium
.If you meet all the eligibility criteria, read on to see if Magic Compose is available on your phone.

How to enable Magic Compose in Google Messages

Begin by lifting your Android phone and using your preferred digit. Engage your brain and think about how Magic Compose will suggest conversation starters and contextualized responses after you execute a few clear-cut actions. You’ll never be stuck for an answer in your back-and-forth dialogue again.

Magic Compose is available for RCS and SMS conversations. Here’s how to find the feature:

  1. Open any conversation.
  2. Tap the Message suggestions icon (speech bubble with plus) in your text field.
  3. Tap Try it to activate Magic Compose.
  4. Tap the icons on the left to provide feedback and learn more about Magic Compose.

If you don’t see the Message suggestions icon, manually update the Google Messages app. If it still doesn’t show, wait until Google rolls out the update to your phone.

How to use Google Message’s writing assistant

Every time you tap the Message suggestions button, a set of responses based on the previous 20 messages sent and received is generated.

  1. Tap the Message suggestions icon during a chat to receive a short list of in-context responses.
  2. Tap the Message suggestions icon again for more suggestions.
  3. Select the most relevant response.
  4. Edit your message if needed and tap Send.

How to take advantage of the rewrite feature

Magic Compose can also rewrite your messages to suit a style of conversation. Instead of picking a response from a list, add flair to the message by tapping the Rewrite Suggestion icon within the text field slot. This works for generated messages and messages you wrote yourself.

  1. Tap the Rewrite Suggestions icon in the text slot.
  2. Tap any style to browse alternative ways of writing your message.
  3. Select a suggestion to rewrite your draft.
  4. Tap Send to send your rewritten message.


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How to keep your head when magic composing

Letting generative AI take over the driver’s seat and draft context-ready replies to chats is fun. AI isn’t a fad. It isn’t going away, as proven by Google Gemini and ChatGPT, so experiment a little and play a lot. Watching the AI make up lyrical responses is funny, resulting in hilarious moments as the conversation takes on a melodramatic poetic tone.

Now that you know how to use it, you’ll be in a hurry to show off your next-level chatting skills. The human touch is best, but blank text field panic and bad texting habits are real. Use the feature sparingly at first, only navigating to Magic Compose when you’re stuck. Alternatively, use it for a giggle, adding flair and poetic license to your replies when you want to mess with a friend who has a good sense of humor.

Magic Compose is an experimental feature. It may not launch as a stable feature in Google Messages and instead be consigned to the scrap heap of failed experiments. Sign up as soon as possible to get a chance to try it out.

Never deal with writer’s block again

Magic Compose is a handy tool to have on hand when you’re stuck for a response or want to have fun with your messages. As Google experiments more with AI features, we may see more styles and more accurate responses become part of Magic Compose. If you’re impressed by the capabilities of Magic Compose, we recommend exploring some of the best AI apps for your Android phone.

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