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i-PRO champions ethical AI practices in physical security domain

As AI technology continues to rapidly evolve, technology company i-PRO takes a significant step forward to underscore the importance of ethical AI practices within the physical security domain. Gartner predicts that by 2026, 50% of worldwide governments will be enforcing conscious use of artificial intelligence (AI) through numerous regulations, policies, and heightened requirements for data privacy.

Understanding the profound influence AI has on society, i-PRO has placed paramount importance on nurturing an environment of responsible AI usage. The global leader in professional security solutions has crafted its Ethical Principles for AI. These principles are intended to harmonise the progression of AI with a healthy sense of social responsibility and ethical considerations.

The guiding principles of i-PRO’s Ethical Principles for AI aspire to improve quality of life while cultivating a safer, secure society. The company plans to create lasting value that will contribute to society’s safety and security through continuous AI research and development. They also emphasised their commitment to analysing the human, societal, and environmental effects of their AI products and services, striving to perfect their technology contribution.

i-PRO prioritises the safeguarding of fundamental human rights in the creation and deployment of AI solutions. Adhering to data protection principles and privacy guides every facet of the company’s operations. i-PRO has put strict authorisation and authentication protocols in place to safeguard sensitive data contained within their AI-operated applications. They vow to deliver their customer’s embedded tools to enable better compliance with changing AI regulations.

Moreover, i-PRO commits to upholding principles of transparency and fairness. It is dedicated to encouraging diversity and equality to combat possible bias, discrimination, and unjust practices created by AI. The company has stated that it will consistently and thoroughly test its AI models to increase performance confidence and identify potential risks.

As an impeller in the development of AI solutions, i-PRO will continue concentrating on educating their workforce, partners, customers and the industry on the power, potential and ethical considerations of AI within the physical security environment. With increased collaboration and ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders, i-PRO states it can address emerging challenges and instigate profound change within the AI ecosystem.

“AI solutions can enhance automation and inform decisions, but this should not come at the expense of responsible usage, ethical standards, or privacy compliance,” said Masato Nakao, CEO at i-PRO. As the physical security industry continues to adopt the possibilities of AI, Nakao welcomes working alongside industry colleagues, partners, and customers to cultivate a culture of responsible AI development and usage.

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