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IBM expands team and capabilities in Canada Software Lab to accelerate adoption of Generative AI and other key technologies

  • IBM to expand the Technology Expert Labs team to help tackle the AI skills gap and data complexity that organizations across sectors face today

  • This team will build capacity and competency in generative AI, data & AI, automation, hybrid cloud, sustainability, cybersecurity, and more to better support their client’s success

  • The team will be based out of IBM Canada’s site in Markham, home to Canada’s largest Software Development Lab and IBM’s third largest software lab

MARKHAM, ON, April 30, 2024 /CNW/ — IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the expansion of IBM Technology Expert Labs in Markham, Ontario, Canada to support Canadian and global organizations as they continue to adopt and integrate generative AI, such as watsonx, IBM’s AI and data platform, Hybrid Cloud, and Cybersecurity solutions.

According to a report1 by Conference Board of Canada, a think tank that is dedicated to researching and analyzing economic trends, generative AI could add almost 2 per cent to Canada’s GDP but it is lagging in adopting technology at the organizational level. There are several barriers to AI adoption that include AI skills gaps (41%), data complexity (24%) and high costs (24%) as per IBM Global AI Adoption Index 2023. The Technology Expert Labs can help address some of the challenges as it will comprise of a team of technical experts who will advise, architect, and deploy outcome-based client engagements that deliver value (or real return on investment) while minimizing implementation risks.

“The expansion of IBM’s Technology Expert labs in Canada is a significant milestone in our continued commitment to empowering businesses to harness the potential of technology including AI,” said Sanjay Pal, Vice President, IBM Technology Expert Labs, IBM. “We are dedicated to providing our clients with the expert guidance they need to successfully integrate AI solutions into their operations, accelerating their digital transformation journey.”

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IBM Technology Expert Labs will create more opportunities for experienced professionals in areas such generative AI, data & AI, automation, sustainability, security, cloud, and zSoftware. Deep expertise and global experience of the Technology Expert Labs will augment and accelerate technology adoption for clients in Canada and North America.

Deb Pimentel, President, IBM Canada and General Manager, IBM Technology Canada said, “Co-located with our Software Lab in Markham, Technology Expert Labs will provide our clients and partners with unparalleled access to product insights, features, and solutions, building on the strong foundation of generative AI work already in motion at the lab.” She added, “Leveraging generative AI, will help companies increase their productivity and efficiency, enabling them to stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape. This expansion will create new jobs and build capacity for IBM to provide clients with even more expertise and resources, ensuring they have the support they need to thrive in the digital age.”

IBM Canada Software Lab driving R&D behind watsonx, IBM’s data and AI platform

IBM Canada Software Lab, the largest software development organization in Canada, is playing a critical role in the research and development of watsonx. The Software lab’s expertise and resources have enabled IBM to drive innovation and advancements in AI, solidifying IBM’s commitment to progress in the field. By leveraging the lab’s capabilities, businesses can tap into the vast potential of AI and gain valuable insights that can help them stay ahead of the competition.

With over 50 years of experience in driving digital transformation and key strategic missions worldwide, the Software lab is well-equipped to help businesses and organizations make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.

Increase in AI Adoption in Canadian Businesses

According to IBM’s Global AI Adoption Index 2023, Canadian companies are increasingly adopting and deploying AI, with about 37% of enterprise-scale organizations (over 1,000 employees) saying that their company is using it as part of their business operations.

As more Canadian companies explore AI, it will be critical for businesses to have the right skills sets, talent to integrate new technologies into their existing IT landscape and business processes.

Key highlights from IBM’s Global AI Adoption Index 2023 include:

  • Top three drivers of AI Adoption: Advances in AI tools that make them more accessible (46%), the need to reduce costs and automate key processes (46%), and the increasing amount of AI embedded into standard off the shelf business applications (34%).

  • Top three barriers to AI Adoption: AI skills gaps (41%) remains a top barrier to adoption, followed by too much data complexity (24%) and high costs (24%).

  • AI investments in Canada are least likely to accelerate, despite increase in adoption: Top AI investments in Canada are reskilling and workforce development (42%), followed by research and development (41%).

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Media Contact:
Ruhee Dhar
IBM Canada

1 Real Talk: How Generative AI Could Close Canada’s Productivity Gap and Reshape the Workplace – Lessons from the Innovation Economy

IBM Corporation logo. (PRNewsfoto/IBM)IBM Corporation logo. (PRNewsfoto/IBM)

IBM Corporation logo. (PRNewsfoto/IBM)




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