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InOrbit Launches RobOps Copilot for AI-Powered Robot Fleets

In the early days of robotics – primarily in the automotive industry – each robot pretty much required a dedicated programmer. Needless to say, this added significantly to the cost of robotics. Over the past fifty years, robots have changed considerably in both hardware and software. The software changes may have been the most profound, as they have made it easier for users to set up and manage the machines.

InOrbit.AI, a company that provides robot operations (RobOps) solutions, has introduced InOrbit RobOps Copilot, a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to turn robot operations data into action. With RobOps Copilot, actionable insights are available to anyone regardless of technical expertise.

Leveraging the latest large language models (LLMs), RobOps Copilot lets users to ask questions in their preferred language, get detailed explanations, refine their analysis, and arrive at key optimization decisions, seamlessly transitioning between their favorite messaging platform for casual queries and a fully integrated experience with chat-driven dashboard explorations.

Kärcher, a company that makes high-performance autonomous cleaning robots, received early access to InOrbit’s technology. “InOrbit RobOps Copilot is the latest innovation for optimizing robot operations. The interface is super intuitive, allowing our team to easily find the data insights needed to optimize our robots and drive value for our customers,” said Felipe Garcia Lopez, manager of robotic systems and software at Kärcher.

RobOps Copilot was designed to work with mixed, distributed robot fleets. The new tool is part of the InOrbit Connect ecosystem that support integrations with Warehouse Management Systems, AMRs from different vendors, and Goods-to-Person workflows. One recent addition is support for a novel Automated Storage and Retrieval System developed by Instock, which is now in use at the InOrbit Robot Space in Silicon Valley.

This video shows work InOrbit has done with Nvidia to create robot simulations:

“While there’s a lot of hype about AI and robotics, we’re actually putting the latest developments in machine learning and LLMs to work for real people optimizing real robots,” said Florian Pestoni, Co-founder and CEO of InOrbit. “InOrbit RobOps Copilot gives the operations team in warehouses, manufacturing plants or hospitals the power to understand and refine the behavior of their robots, making sense of vast amounts of data without needing a Ph.D. in robotics.”

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