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M&E Journal: Unlock the Value of Your Content With AI

Every business has two types of data: structured and unstructured. But while the typical organization has a handle on its structured data — which can be organized in a database — most don’t take full advantage of their unstructured data.

In media and entertainment, this includes all the files, videos, PDFs, raw imagery, VFX files, finance spreadsheets, production and release schedules, and other types of content businesses produce every day.

Ninety percent of an organization’s data is unstructured, yet 41 percent of companies say less than half of content gets reused.

The media and entertainment market is expected to grow from $27.72 billion in 2023 to $40.36 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 7.80 percent during the forecast period (2023-2028).

To make the most of this new golden era, every media and entertainment company needs to have a strategy empowering creative teams to bring stories to life.

You also need to streamline your workflows and to accomplish all this while protecting critical IP and maintaining proper compliance and governance.

This is where AI and automation come in.


The amount of content organizations produce is growing rapidly. By the end of this year, organizations globally will have created 73,000 exabytes of unstructured data.

That’s a lot of content.

Now, with the rise of generative AI, organizations will be able to take advantage of this untapped resource more than ever before. AI will drive a generational shift in how people work, and nowhere is AI more powerful than within enterprise content.

Earlier this year, we announced Box AI, which will shine a light on all your unstructured data, illuminating your content so you can extract value from it.

And, because that content is housed in Box — a single, secure content platform — you can leverage Box AI securely and apply it across your organization.


Over time, you’ll see Box AI infused across many Box products and features. To start, we’re excited to share our first Box AI releases across previewing files and Box Notes.

You can preview over 200 document types in Box and apply Box AI (via a chat-like feature) to PDFs, PPTs, DOCs, and more — summarizing long-form information such as scripts, pulling out key insights on releases, and quickly crafting new content such as social media campaigns based on content you already have.

Plus, with Box AI in Box Notes, users can generate content on command, refine it as needed, and securely save it automatically in Box.

Box AI will begin rolling out to Box Enterprise Plus plan users in beta later this fall.


Teams typically spend a lot of time — and IT spends a lot of money — on tools to organize finalized content and distribute it to stakeholders. Not anymore.

Meet Box Hubs: customizable portals that help you surface great content across and beyond your organization, quickly and securely.

With Box Hubs, we’ve simplified the way teams curate, organize, and distribute content. From cast and crew resource portals to production wrapping sites, and marketing sites, or anything in between, your teams can easily consume updated, source-of-truth content from intuitive, secure portals and share information securely with external partners.

Create a Hub at the click of a button and customize it with links to any content or folder within your Box account, all without needing to move or copy that content and risk versioning or compliance issues.

Think of it as a playlist — but for your content.

Box AI will also be added to Hubs, so you can harness the power of your content like never before — directly from the search bar.

Looking for a particular document?

Box’s powerful engine will route your query to search. And if you want to dig in and understand complex concepts across the curated contents of a Hub, you can ask Box AI any question and receive AI-generated answers such as summaries, information analysis, and more, across multiple files within your Hub, right away.

Box Hubs will be available to all Box users on Enterprise plans and above, with intelligent Box AI-powered Hubs available to Box Enterprise Plus plans.

To learn more, visit the Box Hubs website, check out the deep dive on the Box blog, and look for the beta next year.


Organizations today are dealing with too many tools to manage their content workflows.

One such standalone tool is for document generation, which has to be stitched together with the rest of the workflow. IT has little time to spend cobbling together these separate tools, which also lead to siloed data and higher business risks from inconsistent security and compliance.

This also means more manual steps for end users, breaking the work- flow and leading to unnecessary human errors and a fragmented user experience.

To address the above, a new native document generation capability, called Box Doc Gen, will enable you to automatically generate custom documents on the fly natively in Box from multiple data sources.

The best part: it works seamlessly with the rest of your secure content workflows in Box.

Box makes document generation simple. Author your document templates with our Box Doc Gen add-in for Microsoft Word, map your data sources (for instance, customer info from Salesforce or inventory levels from your ERP system), and leave the rest to Box Doc Gen. Boom — out come professional-looking documents, format- ted exactly as you desired. Zero exporting, no uploading, sans typos.

You can mix and match data sources, and even use Box metadata. Whether you’re looking to get customized documents signed, like NDAs and talent agreements, or automatically create client-specific reports that are securely stored and shared in the Content Cloud, Box Doc Gen will be a gamechanger.

We’re taking an API-first approach so you can tackle your high-volume use cases first. Look for the Box Doc Gen API private beta next spring.


With the estimated cost of a data breach in 2023 at $4.5M, protecting your growing volume of content is paramount. Having everything centralized in one place — the Content Cloud — is the first step to strong security.

First off, we’re excited to announce our new partnership with CrowdStrike, a global security leader, that will help organizations of all sizes secure their data in the cloud and stop data-related breaches.

Included in the partnership is a new integration where Box will leverage CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust device risk signals to reduce the risk of malware infiltration and data breaches by preventing unsecured or potentially compromised devices from accessing content in Box.

This integration empowers joint customers to bring together powerful contextual insights from device posture and data access to evaluate risks in real-time, build granular policies and take remediation actions.

Box Shield will ingest a risk score from CrowdStrike, determined from several variables including built-in OS security options, firm- ware availability, and CVE mitigations.

Box admins can use this risk score to automatically terminate user sessions and block login from devices determined to be high risk, protecting the organization from compromised devices.

This new integration expands content protection across the entire cloud-to-endpoint-to application estate, bringing an extra layer of security without getting in the way of work.


With one secure platform — and the power to harness the incredible value of your content — your business can capitalize on new, intelligent ways to captivate your audiences.

There’s never been a better time to streamline data security and simplify production. Learn more at today.

* By Jade McQueen, VP, Managing Director, Media and Entertainment, Box *


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