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Media.Monks China Launches AI-Powered Content Studio

With the tech advancement of AI and the increasing demand of content creation at scale from brands in China, S4Capital’s operating brand Media.Monks has announced the official launch of its AI-powered content studio in China. This new studio goes beyond the realm of a typical studio, it stands as a hub of AI-powered content production at scale and at speed, at the highest level of quality.

“Media.Monks is famous for its partnerships with tech giants such as NVIDIA, Adobe, Runway and Google, and we have a proven track record in helping brands with their digital transformation, that’s why we were named first-ever AI agency of the year by Adweek. In the past year, while everybody talked about AIGC, to truly unlock efficiencies for brands, we’ve developed our capabilities in embedding AI in content production pipelines to deliver better, faster and cheaper content.” says Rogier Bikker, Managing Director of Media.Monks Greater China.

“The content hubs we run for clients in China consolidate brand, social and ecommerce content creative and production under one roof for some of the world’s biggest brands. In our studio we not only shoot assets, we create, transcreate, originate, adapt, morph and animate using our proprietary AI solution called Monks.Flow.


The launch of Studio.Monks marks a significant stride in our commitment in China and is a testament to the adaptability and forward-thinking approach of the agency. More importantly, Studio.Monks drives local relevance and cost-efficiency for brands.”

Media.Monks China has grown to over 120+ monks based in Shanghai, split between its office and studio. The newly established Studio.Monks team is co-lead by Yang Yang and AG Gu as lead and executive producers, and the studio is powered with AI and Tech capabilities.

Studio.Monks boasts a space of 2000 SQM – with Media.Monks signature pink exterior – and offers video and photo content production tailored to the fast-moving social, ecommerce and retail environment in China. It includes three studios of over 600 SQM each and are fully equipped, while a dedicated green chroma space is designed for post-production tasks, including composition and AI-powered virtual productions including the technology and infrastructure for digital scene creation and manipulation.

In addition to serving as film and photo studios, a dedicated livestream area is equipped with live streaming facilities, enabling ecommerce livestreams as well as immersive virtual events.

Launching clients include leading brands in sports, beauty and electronics keen to create more locally relevant content, faster, better and cost-efficiently. Focused on scalable content creation and hyper-personalization with the advancement of technology, especially AI, Studio.Monks excels in developing customized solutions that resonate with audiences.

“The establishment of the Studio.Monks in Shanghai allows us to adapt to the high-paced China market demands for large and small scale productions fast and efficiently. The capability is seamlessly integrated with our other Studio.Monks hubs in APAC and globally for high-end post-production, CG and VFX. The Studio.Monks team is already an indispensable part of Shanghai.Monks and truly enables creative and production to be integrated and delivered under one roof,” said Yang Yang, Lead Producer at Media.Monks Shanghai.

Studio.Monks in Shanghai is rooted in China but extends far beyond its borders, the agency said in a release, adding “With Studio.Monks in China, we plug it into our global production studio network, fine-tuning our services to fit China like a glove—covering creative, production and assets at scale.”

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