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NAB 2024: PFT to Unveil CLEAR AI Innovations to Enable Revenue-Generating Opportunities for Content

Prime Focus Technologies invites you to step into the future of content management, creation, marketing, and distribution at booth W1921. Whether you are in the business of creating content or engaged in converting passive archives to active libraries, witness how AI enables creativity, efficiency, and, most importantly, revenue generation.

Welcome to a world where your content meets revenue.

“We’re driving a profound transformation with an AI-first approach, reimagining everything from our flagship product, CLEAR® , to our media services,” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder & Global CEO at PFT. “Built upon our strategic investments in AI over the past six years, CLEAR® AI represents a perfect culmination of combining small models, LLMs, and multimodal Gen AI purpose-built for M&E. This convergence in our innovation is revolutionizing every facet of our customer business, propelling monetization to the forefront.”

Content Management:

–AI Segmentation: Identify markers and build the “Skip Intro” feature in streaming platforms. Automatically detect video segments such as opening credits, end credits, studio logos, texted and textless and customizable segments.
–AI Metadata for Content Enrichment: Generate tiered, deep metadata, insights, and recommendations, enabling seamless searchability.
–AI Search: Intelligent semantic search behind a conversational interface swiftly delivering the content you seek with depth and relevance.
–AI-driven Content Organization: Efficiently organize your content to compare versions, identify copies, and de-dup to remove redundancies.
–AI-driven Compliance: AI Assistant to identify potentially objectionable content segments, empowering informed decisions on audience targeting and scheduling by flagging areas of concern for viewer discretion.
–AI Conform: Create ready-to-use “Serviceable, Standardized Masters” by conforming video, audio, subtitles and forced narrations to meet the fulfilment demand faster for TV Distribution.
–CLEAR® Smart MAM: AI-embedded MAM, AI-driven workflows for active library management with deep metadata, AI-assisted review & approval, efficient storage management, and optimized for multi-platform distribution.

Content Creation

Use conversational AI search powered by Gen AI to get instant access to content and package it for new audiences or markets.

–CLEAR® Clip: Use AI Search to discover content from your library from inside Adobe Premiere Pro, edit clips and stories, and generate videos for faster monetization. Use AI-suggested Thumbnails, AI- led Reframe, and AI-led Subtitles to go along with it.
–AI Entertainment Highlights: Repurpose content from your library to create Gen AI-suggested highlights, bite-sized clips, scene lifts, compilations and cutdowns, posts, and stories at scale for social media and FAST/Streaming platforms.
–AI-assisted review and approval: Get a side-by-side view, have our AI co-pilot spot differences, and summarize the review comments, just like a human would.

CLEAR® Production Cloud:
–Embedded with AI-assisted review and approval of versions during post-production.
–Empowered with AI-driven transcription and metadata capture on ingest, enabled with a powerful AI search.
–Clip-Based Workflow: Streamline post-production workflows by automating set-to-post processes. Effortlessly consolidate shoot metadata from production sets, organizing libraries based on episode, unit, shoot day, and camroll.
–Folder Upload: Enjoy the freedom to pre-organize content in folders before uploading the entire folder to CLEAR® .

Content Marketing & Distribution

–Generate Gen AI-led engaging social media post recommendations.
–Use AI Reframe to instantly resize posts/stories for different social platforms with an all-new in-built hybrid cloud editor and make co-pilot adjustments.
–Generate synopses enabled by Gen AI.

AI Localize: Rapid entry into new markets effortlessly.
–Speech-to-Text: Co-pilot with AI-driven subtitling, transcription, and translation.
–Text-to-Speech: Get AI-assisted dubbing and voiceovers with realistic voices from AI. Select from a range of voices in multiple languages, simplifying global outreach.

AI Ad Marker: Use AI Ad Marker co-pilot to create ad markers within your content for every destination profile with the right product fit to increase relevance across linear, streaming, social, and FAST platforms.
–CLEAR® Screener (New Version Launch): Securely share your videos with producers, distributors, award committees, critics, and other stakeholders. Create your screening room and invite reviewers with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that provides a theater-like experience, all within a matter of hours.

Some of the recent innovations across the CLEAR® AI platform include:

–Gen AI LLM integrations across use cases
–Visual GPT integrations for assessments, highlights, metadata, and custom solutions
–Vector AI search to enable semantic discoveries of content
–Introducing Conversational UI to engage effortlessly
–Optimized cloud technologies for higher scale, lower costs
–Continuously expanding model integrations with partners
–PFT models now exceed 60 and continue to grow

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