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OpenAI releases a large number of examples showing what kind of videos can be created with video generation AI ‘Sora’

Mar 27, 2024 11:14:00

OpenAI, known as the developer of ChatGPT, is also developing an AI called ‘

Sora ‘ that can generate high-quality videos just by inputting text. A large number of new examples of videos created using Sora have been released.

Sora: First Impressions

Sora is an AI that can generate videos up to 1 minute long just by inputting text. Sora is characterized by simulating the laws of physics when generating videos, allowing you to move the subject naturally and dynamically change the camera angle. The features of Sora are summarized in detail in the article below.

OpenAI announces ‘Sora’, an AI that generates videos while simulating physical laws from text – GIGAZINE

OpenAI has already begun testing Sora with multiple artists, and is continuing to develop Sora while receiving feedback from artists. Then, on March 25, 2024, works by multiple artists and their impressions of using Sora were released. Click on the image below to access the video playback page.

The following video works were created by the artist team ‘ shy kids ‘ based in Toronto, Canada. The story depicts a person whose head is made of a balloon. Walter Woodman, the film’s director, said: “Sora is great at producing photorealistic videos, but we were excited by Sora’s ability to produce surreal videos. For people all over the world with stories to tell, it’s finally time to show the world what’s inside.’

Below are works by filmmaker

Paul Trillo . The video includes expressions such as “a rapidly moving camera shows different scenery one after another” and “a humanoid object with a metallic texture transforms into a sphere.” “(Creating with Sora) is not limited by time, money, or other people’s permission, so you can come up with ideas and experiment in bold and exciting ways,” says Trillo. “This is where Sora works best.” Now is not the time to copy the old, but to give life to new ideas never seen before.’


August Kampf has realized the expression, “The video is displayed on the monitor depicted in the video.” ‘This is a major turning point for artists like me, whose range of expression has been limited by the conflict between medium and ideas,’ said Kampf. It opens up new artistic avenues, and I’m excited to see what kind of storytelling will be possible with tools like this.”We welcome the arrival of Sora.

Below is a video created by Don Allen III, who specializes in art related to the metaverse and AI. Multiple creatures that do not exist in the real world appear. Mr. Allen III said that he was able to easily create prototypes of ideas by using Sora. He also points out that Sora’s advantage is that it is not bound by traditional physical laws or ideological conventions.

Please note that at the time of writing the article, the official release date of Sora has not been disclosed.

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