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OpenAI Working on ChatGPT Search Feature that Could Provide You With Citations For Results

OpenAI is on the brink of revolutionizing how we seek information online by integrating a web search feature into ChatGPT, positioning the chatbot as a potential rival to Google Search. 

As first reported by Bloomberg, the developing feature will involve enabling ChatGPT to explore the corners of the internet, retrieve data, and provide responses complete with source citations, improving its utility and accuracy.

Enhanced Search Capabilities with ChatGPT

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OpenAI has developed a search feature for ChatGPT that could challenge Google Search very soon. Citations will be provided for the search results, as well.

The new feature in development by OpenAI will allow ChatGPT to perform web searches and return answers that include hyperlinks to the source material. This capability could transform ChatGPT into a more reliable tool for users who need detailed and reliable information quickly. 

As Engadget exemplifies, if a user asks how to change a doorknob or clean a split-type air conditioner, ChatGPT could potentially provide illustrated instructions or diagrams, making the guidance more comprehensive and easier to follow.

It’s not surprising that what X user DataChaz discovered could be OpenAI’s baby steps in establishing its subdomain which is now accessible under If you try to enter on this site, you will only be greeted by the “Not found” note which means that it’s still a work in progress.

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Integration of Visual Aids in Search Responses

In its upgraded form, ChatGPT may also display relevant images along with textual answers to enhance the understanding of the provided information. This visual aid feature could be particularly beneficial for queries that are better explained through graphics, such as DIY tasks or complex concepts, ensuring that users receive well-rounded responses.

Current Limitations of ChatGPT

While ChatGPT already offers search functionalities for its premium users, the responses can sometimes be inaccurate or include incorrect citations. The development of a more refined search capability aims to address these issues, promising more accurate and reliable outputs.

OpenAI is Lowkey Challenging AI-powered Google Search

The move to integrate search capabilities into ChatGPT signifies OpenAI’s ambition to remain competitive in the AI industry.

As we know, Google, a major player in the industry, has also been enhancing its AI-driven search features, indicating a growing trend towards more interactive and intelligent search engines. Furthermore, startups like Perplexity have entered the scene with their AI-powered search solutions, backed by substantial valuations, showcasing the increasing demand and innovation in AI search technologies.

In other news, Tech Times reported that OpenAI recently partnered with IAC-owned publishing company Dotdash Meredith to bring ad-targeting features.

The partnership will allow the company to license its articles directly to OpenAI’s chatbot. Soon, ChatGPT users see the articles’ links from Dotdash’s portfolio. Other publications that collaborated with OpenAI are The Financial Times, The Associated Press, and Axel Springer. 

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