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OpenAI’s Hollywood dream: AI company reportedly courting film studios and directors — on this

OpenAI, the pioneering artificial intelligence startup, is reportedly set to make waves in Hollywood. Scheduled meetings in Los Angeles next week will see OpenAI engaging with key players in the film industry, including studios, media executives, and talent agencies, in a bid to forge partnerships and advocate for the integration of its cutting-edge AI video generator into filmmaking processes, sources familiar with the matter revealed Bloomberg.

The upcoming discussions mark the latest step in OpenAI’s recent outreach efforts, insiders disclosed on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the information. In late February, the company initiated introductory talks in Hollywood, spearheaded by Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap. Joined by select colleagues, Lightcap showcased the capabilities of Sora, a groundbreaking new service designed to generate lifelike videos of up to a minute in length based on user-input text prompts. Shortly thereafter, OpenAI Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman made appearances at high-profile events in Los Angeles during the weekend of the Academy Awards.

The unveiling of Sora in mid-February garnered immediate attention from both Hollywood and Silicon Valley, captivating audiences with its series of high-definition clips. Although Sora remains unavailable to the public, OpenAI has granted access to a select group of renowned actors and directors, insiders disclosed.

Despite the promise of AI technologies, the subject remains contentious in Hollywood. While many filmmakers and studios already leverage AI in various production stages, concerns have been raised regarding the potential impact on employment across creative sectors. Last year, screenwriters and actors staged strikes to advocate for safeguards against the use of AI technology, resulting in negotiated protections within the industry. Additionally, media companies are cautious about granting OpenAI access to their content without adequate compensation, with discussions reportedly underway with major outlets including CNN, Fox, and Time Magazine.

OpenAI’s foray into Hollywood comes amid heightened competition in the AI landscape. Tech giants Meta Platforms Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google have previously unveiled text-to-video research projects, while a growing number of well-funded AI startups, including Runway AI Inc., Pika, and Stability AI, are also vying for market dominance.

Leading the charge, Runway AI Inc. disclosed that its Gen-2 text-to-video service is already in widespread use, catering to millions of users including professionals in production and animation studios. Meanwhile, film editors are utilizing Runway’s technology to create engaging visual content, seamlessly integrating it with existing footage for enhanced storytelling.

OpenAI has clarified that Sora is currently in the research preview stage, with pricing details yet to be determined.

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